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Random playing issue


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Hi all, I'm not sure how to address this issue so forgive me if it's a bit long winded.

I sort my music by language folder and I normally will play songs randomly. Been using iPhone extensively and recently I bought an Android phone and been using Poweramp music player and I realised the random playback for Poweramp is not exactly "random".

e.g Loading folder "English" and begin random playback. the app will load the song list from the folder and it will be random. Let's say the songs are titled A, B, C, D => Z. Upon loading, the playback will be A, M, S, C, N, B, O, Q, R  etc, all the way to Z. Until this part, this is random. Let's say I stop playing the song at C, exit the app. The next time I play , it will continue, e.g N, B, O, Q etc. But, when I reload the folder, the "random" is still the same, A, M, S, C, N, B, O, Q, R  etc, all the way to Z. 

Starting the play back with folders => play will bring back right on top of the "random" play back, starting the play back with folders => shuffle will bring me somewhere of the "random" play back order. But the "random" list will always be the same as mentioned above.

This is not the case with ipod. When I start play back, it will always be random e.g M, P, S, L, A, etc. Close the app, play back again, it will be B, N, Z, V, etc.

Is this normal for Poweramp?

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I think this is user issue. haha! 😆

What I did was list the song with song number (didn't know I could list the list according to # or artist or title until after I posted my issue here) and used "song" shuffle. When I press on the "what is playing at the moment" song above the timeline, it will bring up the songs list. I assume this is the list that it will be playing cause this is what iPod shows when I bring up the song list.

Is there a way to see what's the next song it will be playing? next and next and next. etc

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Please note that Poweramp v2 is now considered a legacy product and any updates and support will relate to v3.

You can see the next song title via the metadata line at the bottom of the player screen (tap the line several times to change the display). You can't currently see the entire planned list of songs in Shuffle modes though, just the immediately next one.

A new shuffle order is generated when you press the Shuffle icon, and will be remembered so all tracks are only played once until you manually choose a new song, or change the shuffle mode, or a couple of other events. If you just keep repeating  an already-shuffled album, it will repeat in the same random order as last time.


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