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Problem with the folder hierarchy


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Good day!
Help with the following problem.
In version 2 in the folder hierarchy, when you clicked on a folder, you could choose: QUEUE, play, shuffle, add TO LIST, DELETE.
In version 3 there is no PLAY button, but i is very inconvenient to search for a folder in a queue and then search for this folder. Button PLAY can add? This is the problem of the new version. Can this be fixed in the settings? I attach screenshots.

V3 Build 808 Play


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Hi fellow PA users, hi Max,

I dig up this topic rather than posting a feature demand (or the like). I don't know if many others asked about it, regretting this change in UI.

Very long time user (paid), I'm still in v.2 because of that. Starting back on Galaxy S2 to M31, I'm lucky v.2 still works on most recent Android versions, for how long?

I tried v.3 regularly so see if a new option in settings would allow the play by long-press on a folder. Sometimes by accident because Playstore "forgot" I checked "no auto update" for PA.

Actually, having to step in the desired folder to get to "play" it is one more gesture/action. As I mostly browse through folders (each album per folder) in the folder tab, it's not that natural for me.


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11 minutes ago, Sinmian said:

Actually, having to step in the desired folder to get to "play" it is one more gesture/action.

No, it's still two presses.

With PA v2, you would long-press on an Album or Folder Title, and then tap the Play ▶ option in the resulting pop-up menu.

With PA v3, you tap on the Album or Folder Title, and then tap the Play ▶ icon near the top of the screen.

So once you get past the "muscle memory" of how you've always done it, v3 is actually quicker as you only need to tap the title rather than long-press


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Hi Andre,

Thanks for you input.

Believe me, I tried it and didn't get used to it.

I know sometimes habits have to, could change... for the best. For me it wasn't. Too bad.

At least, it could have been an optional change, a checkbox to go back "old style", or even with a skin file.


EDIT: concerning muscle memory and speed, Long press, keeping or slightly swiping down to the button is much easier to me, even with glove than moving up my thumb to the new place. See, to each his own.

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@maxmp As there is enough empty space in the second row of the long-press menus for Folders, Albums, etc, might it be possible to insert the old v2 'Play' and 'Shuffle' icons back into those pop-up menus (as duplicates of the ones already at the top of the next level drill-down view)? While it is admittedly easy enough to just go to the next screen anyway, I tend to agree with @Sinmian that it does seem a bit strange to have other actions such as Add to Playlist and Add to Queue in the pop-up, but not regular Play and Shuffle icons too.



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