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Poweramp ID3 editing is only for Poweramp?


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I don't know if this is a bug, so I don't want to report it as such, maybe it's intended behavior.

It seems that the tag editing I've done in Poweramp is just for the app, in other words the tag just updated in Poweramp database and it doesn't really update the music file itself.

I found this when I'm comparing 2 music app and found the songs that I've edited in Poweramp don't show the updated tag in the other app.

Basically, the tag editing doesn't really update the music files I have. Permission to write to storage is already given.

So now I'm using AutomaTag for permanent tag editing.


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Actually, if you can see changes in PA it means modified tags have been written and permissions are OK - at least for Poweramp.

Poweramp rescans the modified file, so changes are stored if they are visible in PA. The problem is probably with the other apps not refreshing its database or cache of some sort.

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