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Searching for titles

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  1. "Search" -> "list options" does not include the category "titles". "All songs", which really ought to be labelled "all catagories", finds tracks where the search string appears in either the album name, the artist name or the track title and so gives many false positives. For example, searching for "william" can give far more tracks where the artist name contains "william" (or "williams") than tracks with the string actually in the title.

Also the  on the far right of the search string entry box does not work.

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Yes, by default, you do get a search that includes titles, but also all tracks with the search string in the album, or artist etc. I gave an example when I raised this topic of why such a search can be almost useless.

Incidentally the search facility in V2 of Poweramp had exactly this problem, that is it searched album, artist etc as well as title. Fortunately in V2 there was a work-around; don't use search at all but go to the "all songs" list and apply a filter. Filters seem to have disappeared from V3.

Just adding "titles" to the categories in "list options: search" is surely not that difficult.

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Here we are TWO years later and this extremely simple request, add 'List Options: Search [ ] Titles", has still not been implemented. Titles are obviously available inside thesoftware as the very next option is 'Layout [ ] Show titles only'. So,  I still have to leave  Poweramp and use some other  application to search file tags. Then, it's hardly worth bothering to come back to Poweramp to actually play the tracks.

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I agree that the 'List Options' menu in the general Search page should have an option to show results found in Title tags (just like it can show matches for Artists, Albums, Folders, etc). There ought to be an option to show results from Filenames too. Currently it can only show results within existing Library Categories, which is not quite the same thing. 

The All Songs List Option is a useful catch-all, but is too broad for the purpose of only searching song titles as it shows matches from multiple tags.


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