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Support for Google Music

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Is it possible to add support for Google Music, so I can stream all my uploaded music in Poweramp?

I know Google Music is in it's beta state, so it would probably take some time before you can start thinking about this (unless you've got beta access).

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I have to disagree for a few reasons:

1) Last I knew it didn't have an open developer API. So max would have to reverse engineer it, which takes a lot of time and could piss off Google.

2) Google claims that Google Music is "free for a limited time", but that implies it will eventually be a paid service. I'd rather have one-time fee than paying a few dollars per month to access my music that I've already paid for - a few dollars per month adds up.

To offer alternatives that get around both of these cons, there are other free cloud/streaming music services such as Audiogalaxy or Subsonic which are free or have a one-time server fee, respectively. Audiogalaxy has a developer API and Subsonic is open source, so there wouldn't be any reverse-engineering involved in either. Ampache is another open source alternative (but isn't as friendly to set up). Both have all of the features of Google Music (web-interface, streaming), plus Subsonic has a podcast tab.

One might argue that these alternatives are different/inferior because they require your own computer to act as the server. All I can say is that's a valid opinion. Personally, the paranoid android in me feels better not sharing my music with Google.

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I hope Poweramp can support Google Music.

I have already tried this service more then one week,

I really feel it's good service for me,

even finally I need to pay for this service.

yes, I will pay for it.

but the goggle music player is sock.

so, I hope I can use Poweramp to play my music.

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