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  1. I know there have some old threads discussed about GM supporting. but seems no any update about GM So, I just want to ask again, when will GM supported in Poweramp?
  2. +1 I hope Poweramp can support Google Music. I have already tried this service more then one week, I really feel it's good service for me, even finally I need to pay for this service. yes, I will pay for it. but the goggle music player is sock. so, I hope I can use Poweramp to play my music.
  3. Hi Sir, Really appreciate that you have translation plan for chinese, but there have 2 kind of chinese: traditional-chinese and simplified-chinese, I hope you can separate it to 2 language, not just on: chinese. there are many difference translation between traditional-chinese and simplified-chinese, some translator just translate it to one of them and then word-by-word translate it to another one, not by what it's meaning. some of chinese will feel strange. so if you need traditional-chinese translator, I can help, please let me know. thanks.
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