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Feature request: Option to only manually clear queue


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Ive been using Poweramp for years, there is one thing that has been a thorn in my side for all these years... The queue clearing itself after you queue a song (after the old queue completes). All I want is the ability to clear the queue myself. 

Dont tell me to make a playlist. The order my music is played in matters a lot, but that order changes completely very often i.e daily or even hourly. Any playlist of mine has a shelf life <1day. If I made different playlists this often, I'd have thousands of playlists that i only listen to once. (it almost came to that which honestly sucks and is a shit solution).

The beauty of the queue gives me immense flexibility in how I want to listen to my music, it acts as 'disposable playlist' / evolving playlist. I can make it in seconds, no hassle, way quicker than adding songs to a new playlist, saving it, queueing it, and editing it. 

The typical senario I face w the queue is as follows: I start queueing shit, I finish listening to it, I even listen to it a few times. But then i find 1 song that I reeeally want to put into my queue, but i cant because if I add that song the whole queue clears. You might come at me with "hey this is what a playlist is for". No! I don't want to store this in a Playlist because this senario happens to often for me to continue doing that. I cant describe how irritating it is to queue a bunch of songs, but because u want to add just 1more to the list, u have to go through the process of making a Playlist; a throwaway Playlist thats not even being used as intended. It only exists to get around a function of the built in queue, and your not even gonna touch it again after the this session. Im using the playlist as a way to store a chunk of the queue so I can extend it w/o losing it, its a really tiresome workaround. Imagine all you want is an evolving queue but you have to go through this process all the time leaving you with hundreds of 1 time playlists. This is my frustration. 

Usually if my queue is short, I just re-queue everything a second time adding the extra song. The problem usually happens because I make a long queue to play while I sleep or driving, and if I want to extend the list i have to do the playlist bs. 

This app would be sooo fuckin great if it just solved this 1 problem for me. 

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The queue content does not get erased automatically once it has completed playing. If you go to Library > Queue you can still see all the songs that you queued and re-play some or all of them if you want.

However if you enqueue a new track after an old queue has been completed, that will then create a new queue from scratch (as expected, you don't want it keeping hundreds of obsolete queued songs indefinitely, that is definitely the job of Playlists).


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