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Huge noise appears if DVC is enabled when the music volume is low.


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For me, there's a small chance that Poweramp will produce a continuous, very loud noise at a very high frequency which blows my ears up, either when I'm listening mp3/flac files using AudioTrack/Hi-Res Output. Though, it is lucky that the chance of this bug occurs 1 time only in about 2 months. 

Also, the bug only occurs when switching to another song. When it happens, the visualization (the default spectrum one) is full filled with the maximum value. I am able to pause the noise by just pressing the pause button. However, when I press play, the noise continues (lol). I think I have had tried to switch to the next song sometime before and it went back to normal. I usually have to restart Poweramp to turn it back to normal. 

And in conclusion, it looks like that the bug is on the decoder. Please put more attention on decoder specifically when debugging. 


P.s. Essential Information: 

Device: Xiaomi Mi 6 64GB

System: MIUI 9 7.11.30 (Nougat 7.1.1)

Build: alpha-build-709-play

Poweramp's setting & info screenshot is attached below. 

File: last.Poweramp-settings


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