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What do the new audio options mean?


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guys I do not know if I'm writing in the right section, but I would like to get more awareness on the use of the PA audio options and then I need help explanations:

-resampler cutoff frequency ratio: default 97.0%. increasing or decreasing the percentage what happens?

-size audio buffer: buffer ms ... increase ms that happens? number of DSP buffers, increase decrease that happens?

-visualizator delay: extra delay ms, better for high or low audio?

thank you so much D

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Buffer size compensates for slower devices and/or file systems (or larger high-res files) where the file data sometimes cannot be fast enough, and increasing it should help avoid buffering/stuttering issues during playback.

Visualisation delay adjusts how much of a delay is applied so that the time taken for complicated visualisation effects and/or complex audio decoding match, so that the visual highlights occur in sync with the audible music output.


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thanks Andre
so, "buffer ms" and number of DSP buffers increase in case of stuttering 
and if you do not have it you can lower it if I understood correctly?
the delay viewer instead is only if you watch videos or video effects? 
I only listen to music and turn off the screen can I keep it at 0?
sorry, but maybe it can come in handy for more "curious" people
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