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  1. daveaspec

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Same problem in 790
  2. I'm not sure I have the BETA V2 ... in VERSION / CHANGELOG I see "Beta-preview-build-790-uni" that is ... sorry, I meant the second version with the 790 update
  3. I know using the flac, a greater distinction of individual instruments. I enjoy this
  4. why do not you touch the equalizer on a HI-FI Home? the argument is that starting from a transparency as optimal as possible helps in all situations.poi who uses earphones from 30 euros will go to touch up as necessary to correct the shortcomings of its hardware, those who will use earphones from 150 Euro will perhaps need only light tweaks.different the speech (and in this I agree with you) for extraneous effects like surround or delay and frills reverberations that only mess the sound.without considering the different hearing of all of us and specifying, that a nice flac can make better the idea of what and how much to touch.the pure sound of what was recorded in the recording studio by the artist is almost never satisfactory for the listener then, I do not think anyone who spends 5 euros for the power amp uses the 4-euro discount headset
  5. I would also agree with you, the new dress is very beautiful but also I found myself better before and to me of the dress, however, I never imported it. But it is also true that if the mass wants this "innovation" Max the product he must sell, and he will work in this sense. The "fault" is not of the offer, but of the demands of the user. but anyway, I say that in the face of this further improvement on the audio front, I do not care about the dress, whatever it is. I hope only those small bugs are solved as the screen off controls, fundamental and a check on consumption, because the drainage compared to version 704 is quite a lot and it's not good.
  6. drain drain ... if I could eliminate the wakelocks, what could happen? when playing music PA would it turn off?
  7. drain drain ... if I could eliminate the wakelocks, what could happen? when playing music PA would it turn of
  8. with the screen off I work but the volumes do not work. Only if I force the rom to wake up the screen from the volume keys the screen turns on and the volumes work. but the changes track with double click from the headset work
  9. a trivial question maybe you've already talked about it but I do not have time to reread the whole topic: in output, both "OpenSL HD" and "Hi-Res Output" have the wording 24-bit 96/192 khz, only one indicates native other direct hardware. what is the real difference? I know only in Hi-res's favor a sound a little more crystalline but just concentrating carefully
  10. I owned it until a few months ago, and the hi-res was not supported with the 704. sorry