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  1. Hi guys mi9t device + ainur sauron driver: only with the HI-RES audio mode activating the DVC the volume is lowered by a lot (but really a lot). with opensl and java output, it works regularly. does anyone have the same problem?
  2. I don't know if any changes have been made, but after the last update and the reinstallation of ainur sauron the audio is scary !!! fantastic, almost liquid I dare say! great, push audio quality first if you see more room for improvement, thanks. good job
  3. with the new audio focus options, I solved my problem for notifications that changed the audio focus of the music from the earphones to the external speaker.thanks you Max!!
  4. Hello I have root on my xiaomi, and I have completely disabled the play store and play service, but I do not want to go OT. why does Poweramp continue to check the license each (I think) 48 hours? is not there a way to fix license or lengthen the time between a check and another?
  5. I'm doing a little doubtful reasoning ... the generality of the flac is in 16 bit. does it really have any use of having a 24-bit output when the source file is at 16? someone clear my fog?
  6. http://www.wavpack.com https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Stream_Digital
  7. why ainur james dsp equalizer does not work if PA is in HD mode? in other modes it works very well
  8. I hope too ... to waste time on these things when there are still some adjustments, and other improvements to the audio sector could happen, it would seem stupid. why use Poweramp to listen to youtube with an infamous quality ... listen to youtube and that's it!
  10. from this version I have a sound "clip" between one track and another
  11. I realized ... I use the translator ... I corrected
  12. hi-res does not work with Aux cable? I use it for the car radio in the car and with this I can have the hires because the phone detects the microphone and deceives resulting as if it were a headset.more if you receive a call you can respond by the key and you will hear from the speakers of the car and you will speak from the microphone. with the freedom to answer, close the call to raise and lower the volumes from the buttons just as if it were a headset. cost € 5
  13. hello Max. please this is a serious problem for me. the problem is only when you turn on hdres with the earphones, with the screen off while the music is playing. with the other two modes open sl and java it works fine. doing all the combinations the problem is not solved, not even turning off the DUCK from the hdres menu. previous version was ok. with other apps it does not happen. I also tried to reinstall PA.no result.repeated, it happens only with l hd res. Max please ... it's a serious thing even if it does not happen to many people.
  14. I'm resuming a post on version 792. I went from lineage 15.1 to Miracledroid (oreo base) and the same problem occurs again ... "Good afternoon and thank you very much, it's the best player. REPRESENT AN ERROR: when I listen to any song, in 24 bit (HiFi) and I get a notification, for a period of 3 or 4 seconds, the song is heard in the headphones and in the phone speaker, after that time they become to listen only in the headphones. "I have already tried to activate and deactivate No Duck, in addition to all the options in the "Audio Events" category, without having solved it. It is worth mentioning that in the previous version it worked well when you activate the No duck, now that the option does not work. Redmi Note 4 Global - Last Firmware - CRDROID 8.1 (same test in MIUI 10 Android 7.0) (3 + 32 and SD625)"
  15. Rom? I use redmi 4 prime (same smartphone..) and i hd ok on miui and on lineage 14.1 and 15.1 now. The problem is your phone??
  16. hello, I know that some back page has already been reported, but I confirm. I switched to lineage 15.1 on an OREO basis, and the headset controls do not work are totally. device: xiaomy redmi 4 prime
  17. on my lineage 14.1 (xiaomi redmi 4 prime), work fine, hd resolution it's ok
  18. Max I assure you that it worked and difference felt him both as intensity' of the volume of exit, both as corposita' and detail of the sound.it tries to verify I pray you
  19. max excuses if I am repeated me..why' not c and' more' the option audio opensl hires, that in the version 790 worked well with the external speaker?not and' more' possible to return to that configuration?with these last versions , listen in high res not and' more' possible...thanks!D
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