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Distorting highs and lows even at lower volumes


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Before I upgraded to Android 8.0, Poweramp plays great. After the upgrade, even at lower volumes, the output audio on my beats is distorted. Mids are okay, only the highs and lows are distorted Adjusted its equalizer, but still the same.

Phone is Asus Zenfone 4 (ZE554KL).

Hope we could fix this issue. Thanks

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a have the same issue. With the DVC turned off, the sound is better, but not perfect. Audio is overboosting at high volume. To make audio output  much better , you have to set preamplifier to min value( -16dB) also. Try it.

Asus 4 Z01KD (WW_15.0405.1712.83)

Poweramp 2.0.10.build 588

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro earpones


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Yes, I tried version 3 yesterday and there no positive influence to solve this issue . Then a return back to the stable version 2 .

A think, this trouble is not caused  by Poweramp  3  , but root cause is ASUS firmware.


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