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  1. Yes, I tried version 3 yesterday and there no positive influence to solve this issue . Then a return back to the stable version 2 . A think, this trouble is not caused by Poweramp 3 , but root cause is ASUS firmware.
  2. Hello, a have the same issue. With the DVC turned off, the sound is better, but not perfect. Audio is overboosting at high volume. To make audio output much better , you have to set preamplifier to min value( -16dB) also. Try it. Asus 4 Z01KD (WW_15.0405.1712.83) Poweramp 2.0.10.build 588 Xiaomi Hybrid Pro earpones :-)
  3. I am agree . I have more than 6000 songs , and on shuffle mode some songs played offten ans some never. I see it as the greatest weakness of this player .Please change the logic of random selection of songs. Have a nice day
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