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Ratings (Stars) and Playlist saving behavior


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my request is actually a fix of an anoying problem in a specific situation:

The situation is this: Sometimes the SD card in my phone is ejected from Android (software side, I think). This SHOULD not happen, but it happens. My music libary is on the SD card. Poweramp is installed on the phones memory.
Every time when that happens, al my star-ratings for the songs I accumulated over time AND the contents of the playlists I created disappear (the playlists them selves stay, e.g. I can see I have 5 Playlists with the names such and such. But the lists are empty).

As said, this happens after the SD card is unmounted by the phone.

If the ratings and playlists could be saved in a way that it will never disappear - that would be great.

Thanks for making the app. It's the only replacement for RockBox, featurewise, that I found has all the features I want.
It's not RockBox, which in a way is good, and in another is bad -  but you have a good Product.
Thanks for putting in the work!


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There is a third-party app called New Playlist Manager which will allow you to export and re-import playlists, ratings, etc.

A lot of people have requested an option for PA to write rating changes directly into the MP3 files too, but there are some complications in that only certain file formats support ratings.


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Just to let the forum know that a new release is imminent which will update mp3 tags for tracks  located on the external sdcard for android M and above, allowing you to write the Poweramp ratings to the mp3 track itself. Forum users may be aware that Google introduced "security" to their android os by preventing writing to the external sdcard. They introduced something called Storage Access Framework (SAF) which is the folder picker which comes up when write access is required.


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