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When 'f' & 'i' meets at album title, it goes crash


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app version : alpha-build-703-play (officially bought)

phone model : Galaxy S4 LTE-A / KitKat 4.4.2

tag encoding : Korean (EUC-KR)


When 'f' and 'i' (only when small letter both) include in Album Title in a row

Title goes left-justified automatically and the last letter of Title disappears!

For example, title of Oasis' first album

Definitely Maybe


Definitely Mayb


By undergoing trial & error (like deleting title from end to first, alphabet one by one)

I found the cause of this error. It's all about 'f' and 'i'!


You already know that Album title should be middle-justified.

But only when, exactly 'f' and 'i' as small letter meet together

the error occurs! Always!

I can't fix it with internal option so I make a topic.


This error occurs in not only Artist Album section but Album section and also folder name!

I got screenshot for it so plz check it and let me know how to fix it.


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