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How to add shortcut for a playlist in my Redmi 3S Prime

Rajeshkannan MJ

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I have more than 3 versions bought for my different devices.  I really like it.  The main reason I bought it is the quick and easy way of playing playlists.  

Recently I installed in Samsung devices.  I had no issues in adding shortcuts to the home screen.

But with Redmi 3S prime, I could not find the shortcut for playlist widget.

This is what I did try.

1 I made a long press on home screen

2 I tapped on widget

3 Found Poweramp icon and tapped again

4 I see another 4 smaller icons.

5 I tried all of them, but none of them is working for playlist

6 All the icons (widgets) are made for some recent audio play only

Please give me idea or steps in adding them,

Thank you,

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