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Native scrobbling support for last.fm

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Could you please add native support for scrobbling for last.fm using the last.fm API? I know we can use the official app and simple.fm app for the same, but they almost never work.

It would be amazing to have native support for scrobbling, as it'd help track the music we are listening to and the music we love.


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As SLS team explained here, on recent versions of Android the technology for broadcasting messages between apps is getting banned, so for newer versions of SLS to work they need to rely on reading the notifications in search for artist/track names to scrobble.

Obviously it is quite worrying to allow an app to read notifications contents, but it seems that there is no better solution except for the native scrobbling support in Poweramp itself. 

Good news is that SLS is open source with Apache license, so its relevant code can be borrowed by Poweramp to implement scrobbling. 

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