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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Could you please add native support for scrobbling for last.fm using the last.fm API? I know we can use the official app and simple.fm app for the same, but they almost never work. It would be amazing to have native support for scrobbling, as it'd help track the music we are listening to and the music we love. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Last.fm scrobbling is totally unstable on both official last.fm app and simple last.fm. Sometime it scrobbles but most of times it doesn't work. Some times after force stopping Poweramp it works for a while (during 1 or 2 songs). Phone : OnePlus 3T ROM : official OOS 4.5.0 p.s : I face this problem since months ago.
  3. Hi! I have a full version of Poweramp and very happy with it. I however have experienced some problems with last.fm scrobbling from this app. I am using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler, and I am aware that it is difficult to know whether this is a Scrobbler or Poweramp issue, but one has to start somewhere. The problem is that not all tracks scrobble. Sometimes one or two tracks from an album will just randomly not scrobble. Both last.fm Scrobbler app and the Last.fm webpage show these tracks as "now playing". There is nothing that makes these tracks different than others which scro
  4. Poweramp version 2.0.10, build 588-play. Android version 6.0.1. Phone LG G5 (H860) NOT ROOTED. Running stock. Poweramp is giving incorrect scrobbles to my Last.fm account. I've used Poweramp since 2010 (or maybe 2011) without this issue, and last.fm since 2006 with other devices without this issue. Instead of my scrobbles showing up as the correct way, which is: Artist Song I am seeing additional information in the song part. It looks like this: Artist Song - Artist - Album This is inconsistent with my past scrobbles, and potentially
  5. Добрый день, есть небольшой вопрос. Для начала опишу контекст: а часто слушаю музыку, у большинства треков в тегах нет альбома и все бы хорошо, но плейер сам вставляет тег альбома и по умолчанию он значится как "Неизвест. альбом". В этом проблем нет, для себя может называть как хочет, проблема в том, что он передает присвоенный тег альбома в скробблер. И вся прослушанная музыка в моем аккаунте обозначается альбомом "Неизвест. альбом". Можно ли это как-то изменить? Пусть передает как значится в тегах песни, без присвоения лишней информации. Заранее спасибо.
  6. I just wanna know that What is the use of scrible or last.fm in Poweramp. Waiting for your revert!!! thanks & regards ​Nitesh Kumar Assistant ProgrammerNational Informatics CentreC.G.O. ComplexNew Delhi-110003C.No- +91-9953870121
  7. Poweramp is THE best music player available in android market. I am a die hard fan of Poweramp. I only listen music in Poweramp. I also scrobble a lot of music to Last.fm with Poweramp. I think it would be a great idea to integrate the goodness of Last.fm directly into Poweramp. In this way everybody will be able to track what are their music taste are and try new similar artists. Also the number of plays can be tracked. What do you think Poweramp developers...Can we have this sweet treat ??
  8. Hello. It would be very nice to see some more love for Last.fm from Poweramp. "Love" button for songs, inside the rollout menu. Play count integration - song play count would be fetched from Last.fm - it won't reset anymore when playlists/library are lost.
  9. Three requests. 1. A simple one I think: A button to rate the song as loved on Last.fm (as an option to replace star ratings). 2. One that's probably a lot more complex: Auto-DJ function. I really like the auto-dj function in Musicbee in combination with dynamic autoplaylists. Here's how it works: I create several auto-playlists. The program searches for music which fits in certain conditions (e.g. Genre is Rock, or Playcount is 0, etc). Than I let the auto-DJ function select random songs from a selected auto-playlist. There are more options here which are also great but I won't go into them h
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