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Adding a shuffle restriction flag to albums

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In addition to my great many songs and albums for music, I also enjoy listening to audio books on a regular basis. The problem I find with a lot of music players is that they don't have an option to restrict certain albums or files while shuffling.

If there was a way with Poweramp to accomplish this, it would make my life a lot easier. Just adding an option to flag certain restrict certain albums from playing while shuffling all my music. It's rather frustrating listening to my favorite tunes when all of a sudden I'm in the middle of Ben Hur. Currently I'm just using two different apps, this one for music, and another one for the audio books.

I love all the functionality of Poweramp and the extra bells and whistles. There's no way I'm going to use another app for my music.

Thanks for such a great program,


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I wish this was possible too, it's been a highly requested feature for about 4 or 5 years I guess. There are a number of types of audio file that I would ideally exclude from Shuffled playback, including podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows, concerts (or other very long tracks), concept albums where the tracks tend to merge, complete orchestral movie soundtracks, etc.

My own suggestion for managing this sort of thing would be to have a separate tickable list based on the Music Folders list, where you could select or deselect top levels or nested folders to allow any music within those items to be included in Shuffle or not. The default would be all ticked, but you could untick at the top level and start again just like with the Music Folders list. Additionally, I would like to see an editable maximum length for songs eligible for Shuffling (e.g. don't include any tracks longer than 15 minutes). Possibly also an option to ignore by Genre tags too might be worthwhile.

All of those would be fairly simple to implement, but I have no idea when Max will be able to find the time to even look at feature requests from the forums though. At the moment he has a pretty defined road map of what he plans to add. 


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