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Shuffle restarts from first song whenever the app is killed and it's extremely annoying.

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  • Poweramp build number 976 play version
  • S21 Ultra / SM-G998B/DS
  • Android 14, One UI 6.1
  • Stock rom with root

Basically when I choose any song then turn on shuffle it all works as expected but whenever I pause the music and do something else on my phone, something that seems to be intensive for it, it seems to kind of kill Poweramp and reset the shuffle queue the app chose. When re-entering Poweramp it's still on the player's UI and not in the library so it does not fully reset, it is just really weird and extremely annoying because I have to cycle through all the useless shuffle options until shuffle all is reached again to get a new shuffle then skip the first song that was in the queue. This is just straight up usable IMO and not even Spotify does this even when stopping the app in the phone settings.

Let me know if I should provide more information!


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If something external to Poweramp is killing the app, there is nothing it can do to resume its old activity as it won't have been given a chance to save its state. It will know the current song though, as that is stored when playback commences.

Check your device settings though. You want to make sure Poweramp has been allowed as a background process, and that it is protected from any battery/memory optimisation that Android wants to perform.

Normally though, if Poweramp is permitted to save its state on closing, you should even be able to shutdown the phone and reboot and the current position within a Shuffle sequence should remain.

[Edit: I just tested this by powering down my Samsung phone in the middle of listening to a track in a shuffle sequence. After the phone was rebooted, PA came back to exactly where it was before, even down to the position within the current song. It did pop up a warning prompt saying that the last session had been killed though]  


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@andrewilley I usually try avoid putting apps in the unrestricted mode, I feel like it isn't nesessary for something as simple as maintaining the que of shuffle.
What's even weirder is that the phone has never killed active playback even when doing heavy multitasking. But I'll see if this helps or not and get back here to give an update.

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