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  1. Yes, I'm facing the same issue. Didn't realize that it happens only in the most played list. I've attached a screen recording. Is there no fix to it? Screen_Recording_20230823_192909_Poweramp.mp4
  2. Since a lot of people are asking for lyrics, here's how you can get them. Although, not synchronised. That you'll have to do yourself. 1. I use this plugin for lyrics. You can use any other or just Google for the lyrics. But I use this one as it is light weight and just works. 2. Then I use this app to synchronise the lyrics with the song. You may also use https://lrcgenerator.com instead of having a separate app installed. 3. Then I use this tag editor to paste / embed the synchronised lyrics (output of step 2) as an ID3 tag with the song. Result:
  3. I've found the culprit that caused the same issue with me. It was Poweramp Equalizer app which had the same setting turned on. I just turned it off and now everything is normal. Although, I don't see the same app as the culprit in the log posted above by others.
  4. I want this too, even Phonograph has it, it's really cool. @maxmp would this be added?
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