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  1. At least in my case I feel that lost power in the bass, I always try a song without basses to see how much powerful up and truth disappoints me compared to the previous version. I'm not saying that I do not have the bass just that they are not as powerful as before
  2. Yes in comparation de last version, the bass is flat
  3. the delete button in the search bar does nothing.
  4. it's me, or I see that those rich and beautiful bass how much accompanied this beautiful application, which makes our songs sound in a surprising way. It has been lost At the time of this new version I see that it has no power that contained the previous version in question of downs in those rich and beautiful lows that has characterized this application so much. I think that as users we should have the same satisfaction we had with the previous version. Well at least in my case I feel that they should improve that before the aesthetic questions that are also beautiful and well seen. but I want that powerful bass sound back.
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