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  1. Hi, I've submitted the bug via Google Forms. When checking the Info/Tags of an Ogg Opus file during its playback, the track gain is shown at a constant +5 dB regardless of the file. Is this a display bug? Does Poweramp use the Replaygain tag or the Opus gain tag, or prioritises one of them over the other (but of course using the respective reference level)? V3 build 823, Oreo 8.0.0, Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL
  2. Did you forget the years of forum users blasting maxmp for letting v3 development stagnate? The righteous anger then was about lack of High Res playback, "outdated" graphics, totally no communication from max, and a few other isolated use cases by loud and vocal members of this forum community. Then the alpha and beta process started... from your point of view, this is a train wreck, which means you stood by and watched as the train "wrecked itself" during development, contributing nothing to its evolution. Now you are one of those forum users whining about v3 turning out this way, when the product is complete. The one big difference between New Coke and Poweramp v3, is that you have to pay to drink New Coke. Use some logic. Poweramp is max's product, the years of whining didn't stop until HE decided to push development along. Now he has executed his vision for v3 and I happen to be one "easy-to-satisfy" user who likes the vision very much. Works better and has more slickness than all other Play Store apps out there.
  3. You misunderstand. I simply expect users not to talk like 5 year old boys on a forum. There are worse things to rant about, and there's always v2. Build a strong case to bring v3 "up to parity", push the case with logic and data.
  4. I like v3 so much I've already forgotten how v2 used to work or look like. Look, even if you grew up in an environment where there's negativity and un-constructive criticism all day all night, this is a public forum, so show some currently-lacking decency in your choice of words.
  5. You're intentionally missing the point. A new interface is not a cut and paste job. The graphical elements have to be responsive, and the options that govern them is not as simple as setting some on/off switch like what you did when you played with your simple electrical circuits in grade 5 science class today. The fact that you did not even respond to that, but continued lobbing labels of "sycophants" and "ignorant" and "drug addled" and "sheep", shows that you are clueless about programming in general, let alone the insides of Poweramp. Do you even know what a sycophant is? Maybe if you had quoted Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne "sycophantic suckups" we would have some common ground. But even if I'm a sycophant I'll definitely be one for Max (he made a player that has given me hours of pleasure ) rather than you and your ridiculous tantrum and piss-poor online etiquette.
  6. There's an option to disable immediate play after enqueue.
  7. Still missing the point. During the features voting process the majority voted for Material Design. Max poured the most of his efforts into that. Along the way he ensured that HD output worked for most of us, that the sound got better. Now the player looks good, I don't see you complaining about looks but definitely taking it for granted that your music player must look this good. Go back to the V1 and V2 that you keep mentioning ad nauseum if you prioritise "options" so much that you'll argue yourself hoarse using nothing but self-serving arguments. You don't know why Max doesn't add options? Because the entire interface got revamped. Because he prioritised graphics UI first (according to the results of the vote) and doesn't have time for the other features. Interface is not just cutting and pasting a bunch of cool and shiny pics on it, it has to react correctly to user input and deal with quirks of the different Android versions. You, who know nuts about programming, pretending to care for programmers by being offended on their behalf because I referred to Max's hypothetical employee as a code monkey? Let me ask you, really: do you even care about Max who is the programmer of Poweramp? If you want your options "NOW NOW I AM A IMMATURE BOY NOW" , then do as I say, scout, hire and pay the salary of a programmer who is willing to be employed by Max and can obey his vision for his player.
  8. Haha I like to long-press that little bar of bitrate info to see the detailed popup saying that my music is 24-bit 192 kHz. My humble midrange Zenfone 3 playing in HD mode for the first time in 16 months since I bought the phone. However, you are right, I don't stare at the music screen all day long, I got mobile game quests to grind when on public transport.
  9. I use and adore Moon+ Reader, yet also can see with my 2 eyes that it's not one of the prettiest apps out there. People voted for Material Design (I didn't), and that's the democratic opinion that Max chose to honour with his limited resources. You got your pretty music app. The new interface is not good enough for you? Then point out another top Android app that has the same sleek, non-bloated-feel interface. Unlike you, I can see the TONS of effort and man-hours gone into refining the Material Design interface that "everybody" wanted. Max did his job and scored A+ for it. When Moon+ Reader is as pretty as Poweramp while still offering tons of options THEN bring it up again. Otherwise you're just killing your own point. Maybe instead of thinking you can throw money at the problem (and with money, becoming all self-entitled), try finding a competent and obedient programmer that Max can hire. You be Max's free HR manager to find that programmer who can understand Max's vision. And YOU pay that hired code monkey's salary. There's this bunch of people who think they are helping by "giving suggestions". No. You want to speed up the process and get things done, do as I suggested in bold.
  10. Thanks Max for 792 and for the quick update to 793. The UI is so sleek... man, I don't know why people are complaining. And I have ALL animations turned off in Developer Options. Nevertheless don't follow Mozilla Firefox's path in removing options... options are always better. The tricky part is storing the options without cluttering up Settings. Maybe some of you can cut back on the whining and use your graphics and UI skills to propose how to include options into the already quite substantial settings menu.
  11. Play Store shows the last updated date and last updated version. People buy the app with their eyes open. I bought mine YEARS ago, paid for it because of what I knew it would do for me that time. That was Android Lollipop or KitKat. I didn't "stupidly" or "blindly" or "naively" put money down on a v2 thinking that I would ever get a v3. So speak for yourself only. I gave Max money for a fully-featured, still best-in-class v2 Poweramp, which still works, which is still better than most other players out there. It shows just how few developers have the vision to execute correctly. They release a fancy-looking player, sure, but it doesn't feel right. Or they release the correct features, but those features don't work in an intuitive manner. I may sound masochistic, but even if he releases it 10 years later for Android Zucchini, I know the player will be perfect for its moment the way v2 was and still is. I know one other developer with that vision: Peter Pawlowski of Foobar2000 (and Winamp plugin fame) and that's the player I use on my desktop. Man up, stop whining, and spend more time typing positive things. For myself I plan to enjoy the holiday of National Day today.
  12. 1) Max is developing. 2) Project is not closed. 3) v3 beta is not the monetised product. v2 is, and is feature-complete (It has what its descriptions claim). 4) Builds 709 and 790 are information. On your phone. You're probably using one of them right now. Not only seeing is believing, but USING is believing. Go back to v2 first, then come and continue pushing these vacuous claims.
  13. No point going to the other extreme; Andrew isn't like that anyway. In the big scheme of things, boys will just clamour for their toys, and want their toys NOW. Whereas real men will understand two things: 1) What they already have (v2) does what they want; any impatience for new things is a sickness called upgrade-itis. 2) In the real world software projects get re-prioritized in certain periods. As long as it is not life-threatening, and does not steal investors' money, understanding it and learning to live with it is what makes a boy become a man.
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