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  1. Also have this problem o pixel 4a running Android 11: long press works only when screen is on.
  2. @maxmp so what you're saying is that we will not have the possibility to see rating in all our lists at all? (eg. i am interested mostly in "all songs"), (i remember your exceptions mentioned above and have no problem with those) We will only have the ratings in the 2 specially created playlists and that's it? That makes me really really sad.. ?
  3. If will be visible in the other lists (eg. all music), then hiding the rating in these 2 is no big deal.
  4. I agree to all these suggestions! (And i also see that they are in line with my own thoughts: )
  5. For my update ( uninstall old version 793 and install 795 -- so as clean as possible of an install ) i can't see the rating in any list except for top or low rated. I would like to be able to see it in all the lists! Also: i see that the position is different from your screenshots: mine is straight over the artwork, whilst yours is on the right side. My device is OnePlus 3, with Oxygen OS beta 39 (latest 8.0.0 for op3) Sidenote: it seems that i cannot figure resize a photo's size. Can someone kindly help me?
  6. I like the look of the new interface quite a lot. I guess it's a matter of getting used to change. And change will happen whether you, me or anyone else wants it. But then, I also had no problems with the old one -- that was usable and did the job well. From my POV at least, with just a few modifications (noted in my post) i think V3 will be better than V2!
  7. @va9rant, can we keep comments in this thread related to my review and the problems listed there, not related issues or other functionality bug reports? Thanks.
  8. settings > library > queue > start playing queue immediately.really though: if you are to complain --> do your job and search thoroughly for an option which does what you want before actually complaining. This kind of complains also bother me as a fellow developer, as having to answer them occupies my time needlessly and makes me label you a whiny.
  9. Hello, I have written my thoughts on the beta build on my own blog, available at this link: https://chat.tbp.land/t/Poweramp-version-3-makeover-comments-on-usability/154 (warning: LONG post ahead!). I hope it is thorough and explained enough. Do you have any comments about the points i have touched? I am not sure of the proper etiquette so i will ask this: should i also copy the contents of my review in this post, or is it enough that i have it on my own blog (it's only 1 click afterall)? I am asking this instead of straight copying as it seems t
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