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  1. Thanks for all those examples, Andre. Is there a way I can vote for those specific features? Or is there a particular topic which discusses all these changes together where I could add my vote? If not, no problem.
  2. I see. In that case, i would like to keep this topic as a feature request. I would like something similar to `Look and Feel -> Player UI -> Hide Menu` I would like a toggle `Look and Feel -> Player UI -> Tap Album Art goes to Playlist` Default `On`, which i would turn off to solve the issue.
  3. Thanks @andrewilley for your suggestion about tapping the mini player, however I think that is not gonna solve my issue, because the mini-player itself is too small, plus i need to move my finger quite a lot to hit that box (tall phone, 1 handed usage -- this forces me to change/move the phone in my hand, which is tricky with 1 hand usage). I like much more to swipe in order to go to the playlist because a swipe is an "intended" action while tapping is more of an "accidental" one. I cannot accidentally swipe, but i most certainly accidentally tap. Is it possible foe a skin to fix this issue maybe?
  4. I like the default Poweramp dark skin and the only thing I would like to change is to disable that feature somehow. My issue/usecase is that I tap the cover art by mistake quite often, for example when I try to rate my songs, or press shuffle or anything else around that area, and it is very annoying when it takes me to the playlist and i need to swipe twice to go back to the main screen. I would simply like that tapping the album art does nothing. Long pressing for the menu should still remain active though. Please see how i expect the implementation to work here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/21984-disable-album-art-tap-to-go-to-playlist/?do=findComment&comment=100850 (its a reply below)
  5. Also have this problem o pixel 4a running Android 11: long press works only when screen is on.
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