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  1. Hi, I've submitted the bug via Google Forms. When checking the Info/Tags of an Ogg Opus file during its playback, the track gain is shown at a constant +5 dB regardless of the file. Is this a display bug? Does Poweramp use the Replaygain tag or the Opus gain tag, or prioritises one of them over the other (but of course using the respective reference level)? V3 build 823, Oreo 8.0.0, Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL
  2. There's an option to disable immediate play after enqueue.
  3. Play Store shows the last updated date and last updated version. People buy the app with their eyes open. I bought mine YEARS ago, paid for it because of what I knew it would do for me that time. That was Android Lollipop or KitKat. I didn't "stupidly" or "blindly" or "naively" put money down on a v2 thinking that I would ever get a v3. So speak for yourself only. I gave Max money for a fully-featured, still best-in-class v2 Poweramp, which still works, which is still better than most other players out there. It shows just how few developers have the vision to execute correctly. They
  4. 1) Max is developing. 2) Project is not closed. 3) v3 beta is not the monetised product. v2 is, and is feature-complete (It has what its descriptions claim). 4) Builds 709 and 790 are information. On your phone. You're probably using one of them right now. Not only seeing is believing, but USING is believing. Go back to v2 first, then come and continue pushing these vacuous claims.
  5. No point going to the other extreme; Andrew isn't like that anyway. In the big scheme of things, boys will just clamour for their toys, and want their toys NOW. Whereas real men will understand two things: 1) What they already have (v2) does what they want; any impatience for new things is a sickness called upgrade-itis. 2) In the real world software projects get re-prioritized in certain periods. As long as it is not life-threatening, and does not steal investors' money, understanding it and learning to live with it is what makes a boy become a man.
  6. That is because previous bunch of users voted for Material Design. All the fancy visual stuff. Which the current bunch of users are whining about. All the time was spent on getting the visuals right or else there would be even more whining.
  7. There is an option for this in v2. Next to the option for increasing buffer size.
  8. You're on to something. The clicks are more frequent with it enabled. Still not click free with it disabled. I'm open to the possibility of it being a bug with Android's OpenSL HD. However, on a previous version of Poweramp and Android, the problem was entirely resolved by raising playback thread priority.
  9. Tried already, still clicks. Need the option to raise process priority if it isn't already at the level below real-time.
  10. For me on Zenfone 3 552KL, I get short clicks. They annoy but I quickly forget them because still enjoying the different sound signature.
  11. The last poll really screwed up the dev schedule, so, voted for what is truly necessary. Core functions! And of course high res output next. If I want dark theme I turn the screen off. Android 8 already gives me the middle finger with the totally undimmable dropdown. I bought anti blue light glasses partially because of it.
  12. It's 2018 and the best is still Poweramp. That says something about how lacking of a complete vision the other Android Music Player devs have (except GoneMAD, maybe). I don't get why Max's slowness gets all the hate. Does Neutron get aggressive and passive-aggressive criticism from users regarding its UI? Does BlackPlayer get hate for still only being second best to Poweramp? Did the good tunes stop playing between v2 and v3 beta preview? v2 is still number 1, and v3 is going to take over the number 1 position. So please just get off your soapbox, and think hard about even whether your post is
  13. Haha we were that young and impatient once. And no one is going to listen to the advice of a "slow old fogey". It's classic missing the forest for the trees. Users forget that while they are pining for the latest and greatest, the current product is already working. One wonders how much enjoyment there can be in the current product if one's mind is always focused on the next big version?
  14. Really like when I read wise and knowledgeable posts like this one; rest of you should learn to think on behalf of the developer, step into his shoes and walk around a bit to anticipate his difficulties.
  15. I suggest you write in to the phone manufacturers and scold them for not optimising their ROMs. Maybe they Putin spyware inside, is why it lagz.
  16. Love your explanation, thanks. Google's Android was a cowboy town for a long time... pirating Java from Sun-Oracle, slow as crap. With Android O, limited modularity is finally here. Well, we all got what we wished for, whether we voted or not. (like Trump, right?) Since Max has already gone more than halfway towards completion for Material Design, we should just encourage him to make sure that his code is easy to maintain and upgrade for future Android versions. These are things that cannot be rushed. Mozilla faced the same problem with Firefox. You can't just improve old code.
  17. I stand corrected. I was trying to leave some face, some space, for the hi res shills. But I admit I haven't refreshed my reading in recent months. The data does say that 48 kHz is actually better because the lowpass filter can be gentler when tapering off from 20 kHz to 24 kHz. But that's because of the Fourier transform. Brickwalling right at 22.05 kHz would introduce more obvious ringing artifacts. Other than that, 16 bits is more than enough for playback. It is more than the difference between the softest whisper and standing next to a jet turbine. That said, if 24 bits can be ha
  18. The weakest link in an audio chain is the speakers or the headphones. So that's where you find the biggest improvement and pleasure in your audio journey. I have to caution that you're still only referring to your subjective experience. The answer to the "problem" of mp3 is not high res. The problem of mp3 is not low res, but suboptimal frame sizes and sfb21 bitrate bloat that affects 16 kHz and above. It suffers from pre-echo due to the first, and deprivation of bits below 16 kHz due to the second, if the lowpass is not low enough. The answer to mp3 is the modern codecs that were d
  19. Sad to see the anti-science high res pushers in here too.
  20. https://ask.audio/articles/music-theory-432-hz-tuning-separating-fact-from-fiction Might as well make a plugin that converts to any frequency of one's choosing.
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