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  1. I think my personal disappointment was the fact that people wanted a new ui..... Seriously, a new ui? Sure the sliding menus hate me because I end up switching songs vs opening menu... But the non alpha version's ui was fine and it got the job done. So if you guys want to complain about delays, honestly, blame it on the fact that because of our votes max now has to redevelop the whole app from ground zero...
  2. Moyu, oreo notifications is a bug that has been discussed and has been looked at/ should be implemented in the next update.
  3. As I've been saying for some time now. Android versions get updated. The last time this app was updated was around Android 5.0. So again, considering how we're on Android 7.0 and going to 8.0, there's bound to be compatability issues. Hopefully, all these issues can solved whenever a new update comes out. Also, as I've been saying, outside of AptXHD, don't worry to much about high res, there really isn't a noticeable difference in music quality.
  4. The oreo issues are to be expected as google can and probably does change certain ways android handles components. The sound periodically dropping off, i can't say much since I haven't had that issue. Unless you're on Oreo, it could be an oreo issue. Hi res for wired is like saying you can hear a difference between Flac and mp3 at 320kbps. Unless you're using high end dacs and amp with a very detailed and high end speaker/ headphones, I doubt you'll get much out of this high res/ tell a difference.
  5. Hey man. Feel free to learn code and build it for us! Yes, I am a spaghetti coder, but I can tell you, coding and debugging take time. For certain projects, they can take a very long time... As of right now, my question for you is, "What from the new build do you need that the old hl build doesn't give?" sure, as I've discovered, maybe if you have wireless earbuds, then yes, maybe an update for support for AptX HD is cool, but other than that, what else? It's a music player that plays music. I can guarantee that if the beta never came out, this thread never existed, we wouldn't have a bunch of people complaining about slow updates and what not. And yes, I can understand the frustration of expecting an update but it just keeps getting withheld, but again, what will be new in this new update that the old Poweramp doesn't already give.
  6. Sure, they can release an update but depending on how soon oreo updates come out, they should make a judgment call on releasing what they currently have (if they finish) or just holding it off. That's all I'm saying.
  7. With oreo updates around the corner or whenever it could be smart to just release the new Poweramp after the oreo update. I'm very certain that if they released it, after installing oreo, the high res would incompatible or something.
  8. dwang040

    Suddenly sound changes to low pitch

    Have you tried disabling all the stuff like temp, eq, etc? Not sure if that might help. Unfortunately, I can't say I've had this issue with volume, speed, other playback errors and what not.
  9. Guys. As I've said before, at this point in time, all you can really do is just post your phone specs. The things like, "I've updated and now there's no support" "my phone says there's support but Poweramp doesn't let me" etc won't do anything. Again, it's been a few years, android updates every year, Poweramp, since it's last update, is behind in terms of compatability which is why you aren't getting support. The best we can do is wait it out and hope for the best in the next update. I've mentioned in another thread, bit all on all, unless you either have Bluetooth or you have very very very high end gear I doubt, as of right now, you're hearing more out of your songs with high res settings on.
  10. I mean. I'm running root with custom rom on my htc m9. No issues what so ever xd.
  11. Yeah, give that setting a try. Do you have root and are running some sort of precession saving program like amplify or greenify? I can't say much since I'm not a Bluetooth guy so I haven't had much experience with your issue.
  12. Have you tried the keep services option under misc in settings?
  13. Did we even get a source straight from the devs saying, "Yes, the new revamp will be released on January 1st." If we did, I never saw it. A rumor will always be a rumor, and if there anything to learn, it's that rumors are never true. Rumor said the new iPhone does this. Nope. Rumor says the new amd gpu does that. Nope. Lesson here. Don't listen to something that's not fully backed up. Also, you give 1* reviews to apps that are broken/ do not work or if it's just not worth it. Poweramp still works well as a music player and functions well. Sire, I suppose the high res support isn't best for AptX HD, but other than that, I see no reason for down votes and bad reviews.
  14. Again, due to the lack of updates recently, don't worry to much if stuff fails. Its just that comparability with new roms and jew version of Android are a but shakey and not 100% compatible. Okay. I've never been a wireless guy, so I can't comment much on AptX. I've always been told, "wired sounds better than wireless." so I just assumed that if people cared enough for high res, they were probably using wired. Oops, assuming things in 2017. :/
  15. Whether or not we get it out tonight or not, the app itself is still functional and does a great job of playing back music. IAs for the high res support commotions. I mean, unless you're all walking around with dacs/ amps and high end earbuds/ headphones... not too sure how big of a difference having high res support really is for you... So again, just take the app for what it currently supports right now. Also, I'm pretty sure the devs have other things to worry about. I don't believe Poweramp is their main job. I'm sure they have other jobs and tasks and they're very busy with other stuff.