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  1. you can change background properties in background menu
  2. visualization menu not opening
  3. keshv


    eq is disabled suddenly after latest updates....during music playback eq and tone stops and disables automatically......please get it.
  4. keshv


    yes max I am using hi res supported device.I also noticed that when I uncheck reduce eq tone gains at maximum volume automatically,the bass output is found to be increased at higher low bands of eq and also distortion is increased.But I am facing the problem even if I check reduce eq tone gains...would strength of limiter be improved in next release
  5. keshv


    sometimes even when the limiter is on, there is distortion in sound....it begins at high bass....after some time the limiter works and there is no distortion.Please improve it in next release. Also some songs which are not having good quality have low bass sometimes and sometimes bass is nice.Please fix this also in the next release.
  6. at the bottom of app page find become a beta tester option.Click Im in and now you will see the update
  7. just hold the i button on eq layout
  8. use audiotrack output and check the options like 'no eq','no dvc' etc.Also in advanced tweaks there is an option of music fx click on it to use your eq
  9. I love the new player and really appreciate the work done by developer....ui is now so smooth and also audio quality....but I feel that developer deserves something for his hard work.....so please add an option to donate in the next update....it would be good instead of paying for updates as some people want to pay for the same.Regards
  10. all the option can be disabled in output setting in audio
  11. bugs can be discussed only when new version is released....postponing or delaying only cause frustration which can be seen here
  12. I come here everytime to laugh at myself and other users......lol where is max and why dont he release app.....atleast he can say something
  13. dev should concentrate on sound after ui....the player can do anything supported by android....but it would be great if it can bypass android limits like that in neutron
  14. dont say comments are without worth....we are here only to support this app and ensuring the developer that we are with him and he should release the update before its too late
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