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  1. shmykelsa

    Cast/Cloud [Poll]

    Road to the complete glory! Can't wait for this update! Keep up the good job @maxmp
  2. shmykelsa

    Collection of bugs happening with Android Auto

    You should try to raise the volume via the volume rocker on the phone. Poweramp (as for now) relies on phone volume (as I mentioned on original post) even when connecting to Android Auto (and I think it should not). As for the beep, it can be deactivated in Poweramp settings.
  3. shmykelsa

    Collection of bugs happening with Android Auto

    I've also discovered that Album Art won't replicate on car's screen unless the screen is unlocked. Otherwise, a black baground will appear.
  4. shmykelsa

    Android Auto: No album art and music playing issue.

    Now I'm starting seeing this Album Art issue @psionix, and now I realize why I wasn't affected before. Basically (in my case) album art is not shown unless I unlock the screen. Before, I had a thing that kept my screen on. Now that I've deactivated it, I can see a black baground is on all the time, but I discovered that unlocking the screen (I can't actually tell if I also unlock the whole phone, I have to try again) actually makes the album art pop up. So yeah, I'll definitely add this as a bug.
  5. shmykelsa

    Android Auto: No album art and music playing issue.

    That's an easy & effective workaround! Just reproduced it with a macro on Macrodroid. Excellent! Thanks for the tip (though I think this bug should be addressed anyways)
  6. shmykelsa

    Android Auto: No album art and music playing issue.

    Dear @psionix unfortunately, I can't reproduce this bug, but you are more than welcome to discuss about it in my thread
  7. shmykelsa

    Android Auto: No album art and music playing issue.

    I have these bugs too. I've discussed about them here Maybe if we continue on discussing in one place, it's better for Maksim
  8. shmykelsa

    Bug when using Android auto

    I've been discussing about it in this thread Maybe we should all speak out there
  9. shmykelsa

    Error with Android Auto on Xiaomi Mi 8

    Your system is probably too eager in killing the app when not used.
  10. When the app is in Android Auto mode, even though my music library comprehend artist pretty much from A-Z it only loads a part of them (precisely: A to J). Shuffling all the tracks actually makes Poweramp play pretty much all the artists. When the app is in Android Auto mode it follows the "Media channel audio stream" (I don't know if it is the precise name, but basically it is the volume you set when you adjust media sound in Android). This does not happen in all other players in Android Auto. I suppose Poweramp is designed to do so to have the ability of using EQ/Effects and stuff When adding a track to the queue, no title appears. Music does not stop when disconnected from Android Auto Poweramp build: v3-build-820-play Phone model: LG V10 H960A Android Version: 7.0 Android Auto version: 3.9.585064-release Google Play Services: 14.7.99
  11. shmykelsa

    Cast/Cloud [Poll]

    I think there is a miscomprehension here: Chromecast should be not just a Chromecast Audio thing. @maxmp correct me if I'm wrong, but Google's Cast Protocol is the same across all devices and it would include Google Home, Chromecast, Android TV, Soundbars with Google Assistant and more stuff like this. The only "challenge" is to deliver an UI to Chromecast (I don't really know if it is required to have Google's approval). With that done, it will be a cross-device thing, cause it's pretty much universal.