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  1. Suggested Option: Tap Track # = Return to List + Swipe Up/Down Album Cover = List/Album Change Currently Up Swipe on album art has no effect, and tapping the Track # has no effect, this would be a great and logical option together.
  2. Max, are you planning any fixes for scrolling longer titles? Or any fading options for the text over art display? Also, non-square images currently show distorted. Thanks
  3. There are currently no 3rd party skins available yet.
  4. What device are you using? Have you considered rooting and installing custom firmware if possible?
  5. This has been a problem for the past few versions at least, I think the elements don't contrast to white correctly. Try this temporary fix: Settings > Background > Background Intensity 85% This is based off default settings.
  6. Check this out: You can apparently override the system. This should make using custom images much easier in the long run. [BACKUP YOUR CUSTOM IMAGES BEFORE DOING THE FIRST STEP - THIS WILL PROBABLY OVERRIDE WHAT YOU HAVE SELECTED] In Album Art Settings, set Download Artist Images: ON Find this folder in your system: \Android\data\_com.maxmpz.audioplayer\artist_art You will see any artist images Poweramp has downloaded here. Place your artist images here, make sure they are named exactly as the band name, example: U2.jpg , Shawn Mendes.jpg etc. Note: I believe the files must be JPG, I tried PNG and it didn't work.
  7. These are a couple small anomalies I wanted to note, just for reference, in no way are these a priority to fix: Tested using CUE based albums. Settings > Library > Scanner > Ignore Short Tracks 1. "Include all" requires a manual "Full Rescan" to add them into the library. While "ignoring" them becomes affective immediately. However, the silent tracks become out of order (moved to the end of the album) For example, if an album has 99 tracks. With tracks 1-11 and 99 having music, track 99 will become in place of track 12, with all the silent tracks after the album. The solution to fix this: 1. De-Select the album (in Library > Music Folders). (Press "SELECT FOLDERS", allow system rescan.) 1. Re-Select the album (in Library > Music Folders). (Press "SELECT FOLDERS", allow system rescan.) Track Count +1? The track count (press 3 dots) in album track list view becomes +1 when coming back from the player display, but it is displayed correctly when entering from the album list view.
  8. Another option would be to bring the up/down swipe back and make tapping the new track # bring us into the track list.
  9. Great update Max! List options are saving and separate depending on the Song/Album/ A couple things though: 1. Coloring Problem: Certain album covers don't blend the control colors correctly. ex. 2. Prev/Next Album Swipe: If you aren't going to bring back the up/down album change gesture, could you possibly implement the <-/-> buttons into the toggle row? Either allow us to set what toggles are displayed, or if possible allow a swipe to scroll different options in that row of buttons. This would work great for one handed usage. ex.
  10. Yes, try stopping the music and restarting the app after making the changes.
  11. On the main player page. Look below the left side of the album art. You see IIIII five lines? Tap that button, it has the option to turn it off.
  12. I don't use the ratings at all, but the arguments I've read for the 5 star rating are far more convincing than those (if any) in favor of thumbs up/down, so I voted in favor of traditional.
  13. Make sure you enable the Static Seekbar for the selected skin:
  14. You need to go back one more step to "Library" view.
  15. As for the seekbar scrolling: Hit the 3 horizontal lines (bottom right of player screen) Settings Look and Feel Skin Then turn on "Static Seekbar"
  16. Check out the new version 792, I tested "An Autopsy" by Faceless several times, seems to place correctly now.
  17. OK, thanks. Will this version remain separate from version 790+ or will it be maintained as a separate legacy/alternate version?
  18. I've just started testing this version, I've noticed a few problems most of which seem to be lingering since build 703/704: Touch issues 1. Album swipe sensitivity seems different than build 588, sometimes changing prev/next album (down-swipe specifically) seems too resistant. Left/Right swipe seems resistant if resulting in an album change (swiping right on the first track, swiping left on the last track). Display issues 2. Album art sometimes gets mixed up, where the art from a previously played album shows for 1 random track on the currently playing album, it usually requires closing the player to resolve the problem. 3. Album "List Options" are now universal, in that if you set it by "Year" in Artist/Album view, it also sets by "Year" in the [All]Albums list. In build 588 each album list had a separately saved setting for it's list order, so that you could set by "Year" in Artist view, and by "Name" in [All]Albums view. Playback issues 4. The playback seems to stop randomly without reason. (Not crashing, but pausing @ 0:00) suddenly. 5. Opus+cue track start timing seems off, I can provide files for testing if needed. 6. As another forum member has pointed out, the audio playback seems to force a small fade in/fade out during pause/play/track change no matter what settings are used,
  19. You're right, I tested it with the song "An Autopsy", for me it's not consistent, it seems to do it either random, or based on the timing of pressing play button after selecting the track. On another note, if you have "-->" advance list mode set it does the same thing when playing from the end of the previous album. I'll do some more testing, if I find anything out, I'll bump the thread.
  20. "Manual Track Change Fading" is definitely relevant, unless you are only "tapping to play" while the player is paused. If build 588 doesn't work correctly with all of the settings mentioned, it's most likely a bug in relation to your phone, I'm on Android 8.1.0 here and it's working correctly with absolutely no fading. You should go back to build 588, double check the settings one last time before giving up on it.
  21. True, but he goes on to say that there are only two relevant options, and never mentioned the top two in any of his posts. On a side note, I tested build 709 and definitely ran into the problem he was having, I would suggest to roll back to build 588.
  22. Roll back to build 588 (build 709 definitely has fading issues) Are you overlooking the top two options? Auto-advance Fading: No fading Manual Track Change Fading: No fading Crossfade Length: This should have no effect with the fading options disabled. Fade play/pause/stop: Off Fade on seek: Off Cut Silence: This should have no impact on the fading. These are my own settings:
  23. OK, thanks. I forgot to mention we purchased all of them from the Google Play store, is this version still compatible with the keys bought from there?
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