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  1. Thanks for that information. I wonder how soon developers are going to do the same with Poweramp skins? Thank goodness Nova Launcher still has hiding apps as an option - assuming they don't need to remove that option too.
  2. Thanks Andre. It's kind of weird how he changed that, but we'll try that out in a few days.
  3. Is there no option to hide the unlocker anymore? We re-installed Poweramp on a brand new phone yesterday and I couldn't find the option.
  4. Thanks for the update. One issue I noticed though is on Liv White, when you select the Frozen Berry or Retrowave accents, some of the text (including the Accent screen) becomes white/invisible.
  5. OK, I thought it might have just been an overlooked parameter (i.e. "3_DOTS_MENU_BUTTON"). I'll leave the question open for anyone else to chime in.
  6. Awesome. If you could share your expertise on how it's done, it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to take your time if it's not implemented in your own releases yet. Thanks again.
  7. OK, thanks. I can't seem to find that labels background. Is that in the Liv settings or in the main Poweramp settings?
  8. As many of you know the dynamic backgrounds cause the text becomes obscured or unreadable when an album art is very light colored. Would it be possible to add a setting to invert the text color (i.e. White->Black) to contrast the backgrounds? Alternately, adding a drop shadow (doubled effect) might work as well.
  9. Great work! Would it be possible to invert the UI text colors only on light backgrounds, so that the text/icons don't become obscured? I will also suggest this to @maxmp as a main UI feature.
  10. I made a few suggestions a while back to giannisgx89 for his Liv Dark/White Skins, but he said he tried and couldn't figure out how to skin these elements: The 3 dots and the album track count/time/year info. (see image below) Is it possible to skin those elements? If anyone knows and could please help in any way, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  11. Strange, I have my Liv White and Dark both set to ProductSans and the Audio Info screen doesn't seem to change with the skin font settings. It appears just as @Scorpion showed it above. * I wonder if entering the Audio Info screen from one of the UI shortcuts could be a factor? I just used the Settings > Audio page. * Doing a quick test using the "Techno" font, I can see that it only affects the "Audio Info" text: Using Poweramp (Build 910) | Liv White (1.3.0) | Liv Dark (1.5.6)
  12. Thanks for the update! Liv Dark has been on Google Play for 12 hours, but strangely Liv White still hasn't gone live. Could you check out this part of my previous post if you have time? Thanks
  13. I just bought both skins; they look great! I have a few suggestions:Both Skins: The track info and menu button look very out of place in this view. Could you skin these elements? See Example 1.Liv White: Consider adding some abstract background texture options. This would give Liv White a unique edge over Liv Dark. See Example 2.Both Skins: Please add more font choices and text color options. Preferably fonts with monospaced numbers (ex. the "Slate" font). Fonts with proportional numbers (ex. the "Techno" font) make the ":" in "##:##" jump around as the numbers scroll which (to me) looks really distracting.Regardless, keep up the great work!
  14. OK, I hadn't noticed any issues myself, but I'll try to adapt to the new changes. They are a bit redundant, but I've gotten use to just clearing all tag data from the audio files and using the CUE for all of that. Having data tagged on the audio seemed to make no difference in V3 before those recent changes. I'll see about adding the data back to those single tracks.
  15. OK, thanks for the reply. It was like that on Poweramp V2 right? I remember having to label the single files differently.
  16. Since the recent updates single track cue albums are no longer displaying correctly. These are now showing as unknown artists:
  17. Yeah, they play fine when renamed but are ignored by default if they have the .m4b extension. Of course it would be ideal if Max could include the chapter splitting from the .m4b format, one of the only (non-apple) programs I've seen that splits those files is the desktop version of foobar2000.
  18. As far as I know these are just M4A audio with chapters included, but they need to be renamed to M4A to play at all (without chapter support). Would it be possible to support these files by default? Even without the chapter support would be useful as we wouldn't have to rename the files. Thanks.
  19. I did a bit more testing, I don't think it's CUE related at all. I tried some split flac files too, does the same thing. It seems to only happen in "Album Artist" though, not for "Artist" category.
  20. There seems to be an issue introduced with the 899 update. Using CUE files, in "Album Artist" the tracks are now repeated several times:
  21. Would it be possible to modify the search system so that diacritic characters (ex. èéêë) are searched when typing the common letter (e) ?
  22. If Max wanted more money from pre-existing customers he would have charged for the Poweramp V3 update. The paid classic skin is a good idea, but the average paid user won't want to see a pop-up asking for more money. If he wants donations, he could easily just put a donation link here on the forum.
  23. I can't seem to remember - which option allows the titles to show like this without displaying the artist/album info underneath? Edit: Oh I see it's an upcoming list option - cool.
  24. Thanks for the update. Can you add an option to hide the system navbar? I still use my old phone (Nougat) as a music player, and unlike Android Pie, there is no way to hide this while using Poweramp V3.
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