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Ratings not showing

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Poweramp's ratings are internal to the app's local database - i.e. you can create them inside the app only. They are not read from, nor written back to, audio files.

For a recent discussion, and a partial workaround, see


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@flyingdutchman Yes, that was the workaround discussed in the other thread.

By the way, does your app allow for background re-syncing - for example when a new album is added to someone's library, or when a rating is modified in PA and needs writing back to the audio file? Or is it a one-shot proceas that would need re-executing manually every so often?


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On 4/14/2024 at 8:19 AM, flyingdutchman said:

@Luke777 my app New Playlist Manager is able to read ratings from tracks and update the Poweramp database. This is a lot easier..

On what buttons should I tap to update the Poweramp database from your app please?

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@Luke777  The text actually reads Root Music Folder so is in fact correct. It assumes that you have your tracks under 1 folder. The general convention is to copy tracks in subdirectories under the Music folder. In any case, you should set permissions for all your music folders and playlist_manager

In general this means setting permission on Music on internal and Music on sdcard if you have one. Permissions cascade down hence the Top (Root) level

there is an option on the main menu


Just follow the instructions given


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Cool thanks

Now I have given permission to "playlist_manager" and "Music" folders

Then ... Tags and Ratings > "Update Poweramp rating from tag"

It says "Updating Poweramp ratings in backgroud" but I see no progress bar or status?

When I go back to Poweramp after a few hours I cannot see any ratings

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I must be doing something wrong.

In Poweramp:
I got about 500 songs and 3 .m3u playlist with Poweramp for now (All in "Music" folder)

In Playlist manager:
Gave the app all permissions
Added "playlist_manager" folder permission
Added "Music" folder permission
I've run "Update Poweramp rating from tag" for about 10 hours until the notification disappears.

In Criteria > Rating : there's still 483 Tracks Not Rated
(For the remaining tracks it's because I rated some manually in Poweramp earlier)

The logfile in playlist_manager is named "popm2paError.log" and is 0 bytes.

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On 4/19/2024 at 3:11 PM, flyingdutchman said:

@Luke777 it looks like you are doing it correct. Are you sure your tracks are ID3V2 format?

,Secondly have you checked the POPM tag holds the rating, not some other tag?


Sorry I'm not sure how to check my tracks are in ID3V2 format?

Also not sure what POPM means? And how to check that

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@Luke777 a simple search brings up this

How do I know what version of ID3 tag I have?
How do I find my ID3 Tag? Your ID3 tag can be found by first going into iTunes, then selecting a specific song. From here, right click the selected song and select "Get Info". After you have opened this, a dialog box displaying the information will appear.
As for popm, list your tracks inLibrary and select a track and click the 
button. This will read the mp3 ID3v2 tag. See what it gives
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So I'm taking for example a song in my Library.
In Itunes > Song Info > I can see 4 stars rating.
In Windows Explorer, for the same file I can see 4 stars rating.
In MediaMonkey, for the same file I can see 4 stars rating.

Then I sync to my Samsung S23 with MediaMonkey

Then I check with Playlist Manager for that song with the IDV3 icon, and I cannot see any ratings for that song. (rating is 0)

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POPM is a bizarre tag anyway. It consists of a text string to identify the user (meant to be an email address, but it often isn't) then a null-byte separator, then a one-byte number to indicate the chosen rating on a scale of 1 to 255. Generally apps convert this byte to a more user-recognisable 1-5 figure - so a byte value of 64 often represents '2' in the 1-5 scale, or 196 would be a rating of '4'.

The reason for the string is because ratings are meant to be personal to you, and you wouldn't want to see someone else's rating. Thus there can actually be more than one POPM tag in a file for different people's ratings. Mostly this is not filled with a username/email though, and often you'll find the writing application's details are in there instead - e.g. Windows tends to use "Windows Media Player 9 Series". 

Oh, and just to confuse things further, after the rating byte there is an optional play count figure for the song - which would also be user-specific of course. Rarely used. 

And all of the above assumes that all apps follow the spec rather than inventing their own variants.


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