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  1. flyingdutchman

    Import playlist

    Yes, i realised that later. 😄😅😆
  2. flyingdutchman

    Import playlist

    @sulylunat to deal with your previous post. Your examples with a * are using what is known as a wildcard. For example a path like \music\*.mp3 will only show you those tracks ending in .mp3. The * will match any character. This format only works with file managers but not as a reference to tracks in .m3u playlists. The * will match the whole string whereas a ? matches only one character so for instance *.mp? would match mp3 and mp4. .... or you use them to show examples
  3. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    Would you mind posting some screenshots of your tasker setup?
  4. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    using razorsql on the pc and examining the Poweramp database the table: genre_entries and table genre try a number from 1000 upward
  5. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    The value 20 public static final int OPEN_TO_PLAY = 20; but i guess there needs to be a selection of genres first the text reads: # means some numeric id (track id for queries ending with /files, otherwise - appropriate category id). The only reference to genres is in cats(category) public static final class Cats { public static final int ROOT = 0; public static final int FOLDERS = 10; public static final int GENRES_ID_ALBUMS = 210; public static final int ALBUMS = 200; public static final int GENRES = 320; So perhaps value 320 needs to be used and some data ="Rock" ?.
  6. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    Using an app called Manifestviewer shows all the intents Poweramp exposes. I see no intent as shown in your tasker config. The nearest service and intent that might do something is. I do not know enough about tasker though to fill in the blanks <service android:label="Player Service" android:name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND"/> </intent-filter> <intent-filter> <action android:name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND"/> <data android:scheme="file"/> </intent-filter> <intent-filter> <action android:name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND"/> <data android:mimeType="vnd.android.cursor.item/vnd.maxmpz.row" android:scheme="content"/> </intent-filter> </service>
  7. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    What are you trying to achieve?
  8. flyingdutchman

    Genre Intents. How do they work?

    Can you post some code?
  9. flyingdutchman

    Poweramp default to EQ OFF

    Go to the equalizer screen, Simply tap the word equ and it will switch off/on
  10. flyingdutchman

    Any existing Poweramp alternatives?

    @molnart are you also contacting neutron to urge them to update their app?
  11. flyingdutchman

    Help with Tasker, isMusicActive()

    It would be of interest to other pa users if you explained how you resolved this.
  12. flyingdutchman

    ...Cannot Copy MP3 from PC to Android

    As it tells you, you are trying to copy to the same location. Try a different approach by creating folder cd1 and cd2 first. Then drag cd1 tracks to the cd1 folder, cd2 tracks to cd2 folder.
  13. flyingdutchman

    Import playlist

    Forgive me how do you "import the playlist as a file" and "import as system playlist" . Poweramp only imports android playlists and given the paths are incorrect nothing can be imported. Something is missing here.
  14. flyingdutchman

    Import playlist

    When you import system playlists into Poweramp you are actually importing android playlists into Poweramp's own media database. It is different with .m3u playlists, these are not really imported but simply presented by Poweramp as "file based" playlists. You can not edit (add or delete tracks) with file based playlists. If there are any differences between the imported android playlist and the original m3u playlist then this is down to Poweramp. What i still do not understand is how a playlist, created with itunes and on another device, is presented with any tracks at all by poweraamp as the paths for the tracks must be different.
  15. flyingdutchman

    Import playlist

    You state that all the tracks are the same as in your itunes setup. However, your .m3u playlists will have been created on another device or pc. The pathnames for each track will be different for your Huawei device so I suspect you have not been able to play any tracks from it. Try using my app New Playlist Manager as it can import foreign playlists. It will build a new android playlist which you then import into Poweramp. It also produces an errorlog which will tell you if there was a problem. Sometimes foreign characters are not recognised so a track containing them cannot not be recognised.