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  1. For those that want this sooner rather than later, I have added this functionality in my app and will be available in the next release.
  2. @kaderekusen, for clarity, you are talking about library categories, not actual playlists.
  3. @HemoridHero, for what it is worth, my app new playlist manager allows you to select tracks using the "times played" tag
  4. @MotleyG very nice 😎, if you set navbar (and android navbar) to transparent and album blur on it will blow your mind
  5. Unlikely a skin can do what you list. Skins are about modifying layout, not player functionality
  6. @IFW, that will not work. Apps are digitally signed and it will be this signature that is on the whitelist, not necessarily the name. that would be too simple ..
  7. @drawersystem you can choose to use like/unlike, ratings from 1 to 5 or hide them alltogether. It is an option. The default is like/unlike but the first thing i do on a new Poweramp install is to switch to ratings.
  8. @ArzePoetic, i know i need to improve the drag and drop too. I will work on this in the next few weeks
  9. First of all, the latest versions of Poweramp are much cleverer in resolving playlists. You must ensure however that they are exported from Poweramp (or other apps) in a .m3u or .m3u8 format. These are simple text files so you will not lose anything. Poweramp will try and interpret these. In addition, make sure the file structure / hierarchy of your music remains the same ie retain folders ans subfolders. You should have no problems. Ps ensure Poweramp is able to scan the folder where you place the .m3u playlists. Once they reappear in Poweramp, copy them somewhere else as backups.
  10. Thank you for mentioning my app @andrewilley, at the moment it has the "add to playlist" for a track on a particular playlist. I would need to expand the code to select multiple playlists. I will have a look at this in the coming weeks.
  11. @Mixified i have found that most skins do not install properly on huawei with android v7. I have posted on this previously.
  12. @pauldamoi had to roll back to the previous version. It is fixed in the next release
  13. I have made changes to my $yaps$ skin for a user who has an atoto unit. Perhaps this works for you?
  14. @Someone else, can we continue this conversation by email? I will try and see what i can do.
  15. @RAJ717 perhaps something got lost in translation, you most definately, absolutely, hide the 3 dots menu using my $yaps$ skin
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