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  1. It may not resolve your issue but I thought I try and provide some background. Under the excuse of "increased security" and providing the user with more control, Google have introduced (from API19) something called Storage Access Framework (SAF) which developers now must use to be able to write to the external sdcard. Instead of opening a normal File object you now need to create a Document using a DocumentProvider. This provider uses what is known as the Picker, the bland User Interface that appears when permissions are required. To ensure all your files (now known as Documents) are writeable, you need to set permissions (the clicking of Select in the Picker) at the highest level relating to your music. It is probably easier to grant permissions for the whole sdcard so anything on it should become writeable. Each app needs to set its own permissions. I find this Picker a little confusing as it may not necessarily present you with the sdcard. Always use the option menu, at the top right (3 dots) to show sdcard. Then select the sdcard on the from the left navigation drawer. Navigate to the top level and click Select.
  2. There is nothing in the powetamp Database to do with favorite songs, ratings is the only indicator. Sorry if you are limping on one foot but your desire for a bycicle was not made clear
  3. Did you uninstall and reinstall? The reinstalled version gives you the message? or does it not install at all?
  4. By "favourite songs" do you mean the rated tracks? You can of course create playlists from these.In Library, Top Rated, from the menu select Add to Playlist and simply chose Select All. Finally click Add(n) to create your playlist. Now, to make sure you do not lose this, Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp Playlists. Pay attention to the information in the dialog box as it tells you where it will be saved. Finally, make sure this location is scanned by Poweramp. Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Only tick the ones where your music and playlists are to be found.
  5. Google play store, New Playlist Manager. Link in my signature
  6. I have not read the whole thread but i simply use my app to manage playlists and automatically export them as m3u8. Poweramp then picks these up. I never create playlists in Poweramp
  7. One more thing you could try. Uninstall Poweramp and reinstall. Uninstalling will remove the information recorded by android to allow sdcard access. Reinstalling and reapply permissions may work.
  8. When your device notices that something was removed eg sdcard or hd, both android and Poweramp think the music has been deleted and will rescan, removing all references to the now missing files. When you reconnect, scanning will restart, adding the newly found tracks but they will be treated as brand new so any playlists will show empty. Android devices are not really designed to work with external disks.
  9. Step 1. On your old device, export all your Poweramp playlists as m3u8. Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp playlists. Take note of the message as this shows where they are saved. Step 2. Put all your music on the new device, preferably using the same locations, eg storage /sdcard/music Step 3 copy your exported playlists to the new device. Make sure Poweramp is set to scan the folder where they can be found. Step 4 is where you may run into trouble as your new device may no longer show /storage/sdcard but something like /storage/F023-8F/music. If this is the case you need to edit your exported playlists and replace the old path with the new path. Alternatively you could use my app and import your m3u playlists. It does not care about the path and will create an android playlist which again you export as m3u but this time everything will be as required. Good luck
  10. custom filter

    Poweramp does allow creation of playlists based upon its library presentation of genres, albums, artists etc. However, if you are looking for something like smart playlists based upon a number of criteria, you could use my app New Playlist Manager which also has a degree of integration with Poweramp such as saving/restoring your ratings. The comments tag is often mentioned but neither android nor Poweramp read this tag so any playlists based upon these are unlikely.
  11. You have not clearly explained what your issue is with 1 star rating. Poweramp simply saves values 1 to 5. Other music apps may apply a different rating scale. Perhaps this is where your problem originates?
  12. The issue with tags such as bpm or comment is that they generally are not collected by apps when building their media databases. They build this database when scanning for music. Neither Poweramp nor the native android media databases have this field. I doubt very much that this feature will be in the next release. Would be nice if it was.
  13. If you are happily using the version, what is your issue??
  14. You can currently export your playlists as m3u8 files and export configuration settings with Poweramp. What you cannot do at the moment is backup your ratings and times played. That is why i have added functionality to my app New Playlist Manager. You can export/reimport ratings and times played but also update mp3 ratings tags from the Poweramp database or update Poweramp ratings from your mp3 tags.
  15. If you have read this thread then you will find there is a way to backup and restore your ratings.