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Hola, excelente programa. Me gustaría poder mover las canciones a otras carpetas.

Igualmente me gustaría que tuviera una función para aumentar la velocidad de reproducción, útil para darle vida a algunas canciones.

La función aleatorio no funciona bien, por favor verificar

Adicionar nuevas mejoras al audio

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1) Moving songs to other folders, and other file management tasks, isn't really an audio player's job. Try something like ES File Explorer if you don't like whatever default File Manager app is provided with your phone.

2) The alpha-test build for Poweramp v3 (available from the Downloads tab at the top of the page) already has a tempo control feature.

3) I've checked, and Shuffle (the random playback function) does work.

4) "Adding new audio enhancements" happens all the time (for example high-def audio is supported in the previously-mentioned alpha-test build). Anything in particular that you'd like to ask for?


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