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  1. griff

    Queue is Not Flexible in Version 3

    Great to hear!
  2. Sorry to say this, but I really don't like the way queued music works in version 3 of Poweramp. I find it very odd that it would go from a flexible method to a very restrictive and unintuitive method. I will elaborate... The previous version of Poweramp would allow you to start playing an album, and half-way through that album you could queue up another album, or several, and they would play AFTER the current album. Emphasis here is on ALBUM. This is because in Version 3 of Poweramp, when you queue up anything, it will play after the current song (not album) or immediately (you can choose one of those in settings). But if you queued up an album, you are out of luck. The point in time in which you add anything to the queue is where your album will be interrupted with whatever you have queued (at the end of the current song or immediately, as mentioned). Version 3 seems to takes stance that you know what music you want to listen to beforehand, so you have to queue it all up before you start playing anything, and then it will be fine. This sucks. People do not work that way. People like to work things on the fly, or at least have that flexibility to add music / albums as they go... Example: I am half-way through listening to album A, and during which, I realise I want to listen to album B next. BUT I still want to hear all of album A. So currently I have to wait until the end of album A, then queue up B. This could be 30 minutes or so away. I could forget by then, I have a very large music library and I'm busy doing my day job... If I queue it up the moment I think of it, I don't get to listen to the rest of album A. And that sucks. The previous version of Poweramp allowed you to do this on the fly. Did this make sense? I hope I've explained it properly. Can we please have the old queue method back?
  3. griff

    Poweramp Build 820

    That fixed it, thank you! I did have to reboot the phone, but it 100% worked. And I tested for gapless still working, and it was.
  4. griff

    Poweramp Build 820

    I meant the simple seek bar. I kind of wish there was a way to have both the simple and the new one. Maybe if the new one showed an overall progress of the song being played it would be cool... Thanks!
  5. griff

    Poweramp Build 820

    Thanks, I already have crossfades disabled or set to lowest values. Just had another instance of the last song on an album cutting short. It's more like 3 whole seconds being cut short.
  6. griff

    Poweramp Build 820

    Hi! Where can I find the setting to enable the progress bar on the Player UI? Has anyone else reported there is a bug where the last couple seconds of an album playback are cut? So far it's only happened to me while in Android Auto.
  7. griff

    Chromecast Audio support

    * rushes tot he download page w/o checking spelling.... *
  8. griff

    Chromecast Audio support

    Wait, Android Auto support is not here, right?
  9. griff

    A Few Questions About V3

    1) That would be awesome. 2) That is the best news I've heard all week! :))) 3) Oh, nice! Thanks!
  10. griff

    A Few Questions About V3

    Thanks for the reply! Play, next, and previous buttons: Awesome! Hiding / moving artist and song titles: Thanks! Countdown timer: That is a shame! Winamp has it, and I love it, but it's not a big deal. I thought the last version of Poweramp had it too? I might be mistaken. Removing / hiding images for artists to give a pure text list: Can you tell me where the placeholder option is? I found what looks like something similar, but it's only for album art. If not, I will wait for the TODO. Queue: If I uncheck "start playing queue immediately" then the queue will start when the current song I'm playing finishes. This is not so good if I am half way through an album and queue up another, because I still want to finish listening to the first album. So V3 gives us 2 options, either immediately or after current song. Previous version gave us 3 options, immediately, after current song or after current list (folder/album/playlist/etc.). I used that 3rd option all the time and miss it. Android Auto: Cool. I'm happy to wait. Last.fm: Ok, I will try again. Skins: Ok, understood, cool. One more thing... Can we get an option to NOT ignore songs less than 2 seconds or shorter? The shortest amount V3 will allow is 2 seconds, but previous version allowed us to choose "don't ignore - include all." I listen to some Grindcore now and then, and they have ridiculously short songs. Yes, even 1 second songs. See here for evidence: https://analtrump.bandcamp.com/album/that-makes-me-smart
  11. Hi everyone. I just got V3 and I've got some questions... On the Now Playing screen... Is there a way to show play, previous and next buttons? I see them on the widget and lock screen, but not the Now Playing screen. Seems inconsistent to not have them on some and not others. I see I can use gestures on the Now Playing screen, but if I want to go back 3 songs I have to swipe 3 times, and each time I hear the start of each song between where I was and where I want to be. Or, I long press play (to stop playback) then I swipe back 3 times. Or, I go back into the album, then tap on the song I want, which is more tapping too. Is there an option to hide the song, artist and album text, or maybe move it off the album artwork? I would like to see the entire album artwork if possible. The last version had buttons on the artwork that I could never remove. Regarding the time counter, is there an option to show the time left in a song, rather than time elapsed? I think V2 had this? In the Library, under Artists (or Album Artists)... Am I able to remove the thumbnails from the list (so it's a pure text list)? I understand showing album art thumbnails for browsing Albums, but I don't want it for Artists. Nearly every other music player for Android is like this, and this was one thing that made Poweramp stand apart in a VERY good way. Pure text lists are awesome. When queueing songs or albums, the last version had an option where newly queued music would play after what is currently playing, which could be a full album (or list). In Settings > Library > Queue there only seems to be the option to "start playing queue immediately" as enabled or disabled, and "if disabled, queue is started after the current track." So this means if I'm halfway through an album, then decide to queue up the next album, it will either start immediately or after the current song, only. This is... yeah, VERY limiting. We used to be able to tell it to play at the end of the list (which in this case would be at the end of the current ALBUM, not just song). Android Auto is not available in this version, correct? I'm having an issue with Last.fm not showing in my notification bar. Sometimes it appears and then disappears nearly straight away. Other times it stays for a few minutes, then next time I look it's gone. Last version was a bit buggy with last.fm scrobbler, but there seems to be less "getting along" now. Maybe this one is better for a separate thread. Will I only be able to use paid skins from the last version IF I downgrade back to V2? No chance of backwards compatibility? One such paid skin shows up as a choice, but I am unable to select it (annoying). I think that's all for now.
  12. griff

    Android Auto Support! Mod please respond!

    Hi Andre. Do you know if Max is working on making Poweramp work in Android Auto? I think that is the main question. For those who don't know, Android Auto currently requires both a USB and bluetooth connection. Music and GPS / Google Maps is handled through USB. Phone calls, messages, etc are through bluetooth. We cannot use Poweramp in an Android Auto environment using bluetooth due to this. There are future plans by Google to make AA work wirelessly, but that will require a car that supports wifi. Many do not, especially older ones. My car is a 2013 Kia Optima, and I narrowly missed getting an AA car stereo, as I think it's the 2014 or 2015 onwards that have it built in. Either way, I bought an aftermarket stereo and now have AA. But I really miss using Poweramp. Google Play Music is lacking the outstanding features that make Poweramp a wonderful music experience. I've tried MDPlayer, as I read it would allow me to browse my music library, something Google Play Music only can do by voice, yet MDPlayer only lets you browser by folders (albums only). Ugh.
  13. griff

    Android Auto

  14. I was unaware of the long press to stop playback! This has changed my world!
  15. Hi all. Long time Poweramp user here. I'm using an LG V20 (H990DS), not rooted. Running Poweramp build 704 uni, full version. I installed this alpha version to try and make use of the amazing audio on the V20. I love the new UI, but I have one small suggestion... When something is added to the queue, or even removed, a small message appears at the bottom of the screen momentarily. This blocks access to the bottom three buttons (Player, Folders and Library). I've been in the habit of tapping the Player button immediately after clearing a queue or adding something to the queue, so this little message is a hindrance. No idea if that occurred to Max, but I thought I'd put it out there. Another thing, I've noticed a small bug with album art. Sometimes (only very rarely), the album art will appear partly off the screen. Please see screenshot below. I -THINK- this album art bug only occurs when I am playing a particular playlist (it's an .M3U8 file made in Winamp). This is the ONLY playlist file I've ever used in any version of Poweramp. Navigating to the home screen and back into Poweramp usually resolves this bug. Here's a screenshot of how it looks after doing that to resolve it... I have another bug to report. In the Settings > Look and Feel > General, I have enabled "<< Button Resets Current Track". I love this option. This is the closest thing Poweramp has to a stop button for me. I pause first, then press "<<". I also use a Pebble Smartwatch, and I use the Music Boss app on it. When I was on the stable release of Poweramp I had no issues with the "<<" button. But on Build 704 the track does not stay paused. So essentially, I press pause, then "<<" and the track resets, but starts playing again. Just thought I'd mention it! Lastly, I really hope Max and Andre know that there are many Poweramp fans out there that appreciate the hard work you guys are doing. Don't let the nay-sayers and naggers bring you down! This thread has a LOT of fools asking really dumb questions and some really rude people almost demanding release dates, doing some name calling, yada yada yada... Just ignore em. You guys are awesome.