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  1. Android Auto is 100% up to date (I install it in the first video). Google Play Music is also 100% up to date. I only did not update Google Maps and the Google app after I did the factory reset. The reason is as soon as I update the Google app, voice commands stop working! Currently I have the navigation voice commands working, but not the music voice commands. So I'm half way to winning! If I update Google app, I'm back to zero. You would think everything would work after a factory reset though... I've also posted these videos on the Google Android Auto Community.
  2. Hi all. I'm tacking this ongoing issue of mine, trying to get voice commands to work with Poweramp in Android Auto. I've made two videos where I show this issue, but first of all I perform a factory reset on the phone (LG G8s ThinQ - a 2019 phone). Prior to using this phone I had an LG V20 (a 2016 phone) where I did have success getting voice commands working with Poweramp in Android Auto. Here's the videos... I sincerely appreciate people taking the time to watch these and help me troubleshoot this. Video - Part 1: Factory Reset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wo7MFj-DcQ Video - Part 2: Android Auto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gCwW2jLdOE EDIT Video - Part 3: GPM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGT6t7R5FTI
  3. While looking into this a few weeks back, I found these set of instructions: https://www.guidingtech.com/disable-android-notifications-playing-music/ Basically you need to install an app like Tasker (it's called Macrodroid) to put the phone into DND mode during music playback. I tried it and it added it's own tiny glitches / split second of music being cut or something similar so I aborted that idea. But to me, it's a bandaid solution.
  4. Been doing some tests while at work today. Didn't put my phone in vibrate mode like I normally do and started listening to music. Both with wired and Bluetooth headphones (separately, of course). Got several Gmail emails and Facebook Messenger messages while listening to music and all of them forced the music to dip or pause so I could hear the notification alert. Bloody ridiculous! I'm annoyed at this, but to be clear not at Poweramp in any way. I am certain the culprit is Android (cos this wasn't an issue on my old phone which was running Android 7 - I'm currently on 9). Now I'm double checking my Poweramp settings, and in Settings > Headset / Bluetooth > Audio Focus: I have Short Audio Focus Change / Calls ENABLED. The notes for this shows this factors calls, notifications, navigation, etc). I am thinking this needs to be specifically just for calls? And then what if we had a setting like this but just for notifications, etc? My reasoning is this: While working I can listen to music and I don't need to be bothered / interrupted by sounds for emails, messages, etc, but a phone call is usually important. So that's ok to be interrupted. FYI the two other settings in Audio Focus, Duck Volume and Permanent Audio Focus Change are DISABLED.
  5. I'm on Android 9, running stock on LG G8s ThinQ. I'm in the same boat as you, I don't mind the notifications if the phone is NOT in DND mode, or if Poweramp is running. BUT when Poweramp is playing music, there should be no interruptions to the music. I listen to music with my phone (using Poweramp of course) with wired headphones, in the car via Android Auto with either USB or Bluetooth (it's not clear to me which AA uses) and when at work with Bluetooth headphones. I need to do more testing because the wired headphones is at night when I'm in bed so I have DND running, and thus no notifications are heard. And when I'm at work I put my phone into vibrate only mode.
  6. What version of Android are you running? I'm running 9.
  7. Can you post a screenshot of how this is done, or where in settings it can be done? I know in Android 7 it was an option, but in Android 9 I think it has been removed?
  8. Yeah, true! I've stopped updating Android Auto, the Google app, and Maps. Each time I've done an update a function or feature breaks or stops working and it is infuriating! Thanks! What do you mean by "better when Poweramp is an active player in AA"?
  9. Thanks Andre! What version of Android are you running on that Samsung Galaxy A70? The most annoying thing for me right now is not being able to speak a verbal command and get AA to play a certain album while I'm driving. Used to work on my LG V20 (running Android 7.0). I still have it so I think I will have to painstakingly compare the Google app and AA app settings side by side with my LG G8s ThinQ until I find what is causing this...
  10. Bump! No one else is using Poweramp with Android Auto?
  11. Hi Andre, Thanks. I uninstalled again, looked for that folder, it was there. Deleted it. Reinstalled Poweramp and Unlocker. My queued files were still queued! I don't get it... Am I missing something else? Oh, and I also did the restore defaults right before uninstalling too! EDIT: Maybe this is normal behaviour?
  12. I think I need to fully uninstall Poweramp and then reinstall it. I've noticed a couple things not working as they should and want to wipe it clean and start afresh. I've uninstalled Poweramp, and the Unlocker app, then run my phones smart stock cleaner app for remove any residual files. Then I've restarted the phone, installed Poweramp and the Unlocker app, but my queued music and all my settings are still there! What do I need to do to get a fresh install going?
  13. Does anyone here use Poweramp in Android Auto? And if you do, do you have voice commands working that will control Poweramp? For example, can you speak a voice command to tell Poweramp to play a specific album while you are driving? I used to be able to (on my now old LG V20, running Android 7), but cannot on my new phone (LG G8s ThinQ, running Android 9) and it is getting frustrating. Feels like I've taken a step backwards. I really need someone to help me get Poweramp working in AA 100%!
  14. I can confirm this is an Android Auto thing and Poweramp doesn't control this. There's a Google Android Auto community board / forum you could post there about it and request it though... https://support.google.com/androidauto/community?hl=en
  15. Just did another test... I ensured the above mentioned settings are DISABLED (Short Audio Focus Change / Calls) and (Duck Volume), played some music and had my wife message me. The music did not dip / duck, BUT there was an ever so subtle interruption to the music playback. Might be worth looking into. This might be as good as it gets for now though...
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