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Would it be possible to make my EQ sharable?

So for example; me and my mate have the same headphones, but they sound better when EQ'ed. Now I've played around with the EQ for quite some time and now I believe I have found the perfect setting.

I want to share this setting with my mate. Instead of telling him:

"1 tick down on the 31 band. 2 ticks down on the 62 band. 1 tick down on the 125 band." etc etc.

It would be preferable to just share a code with him which automatically changes the EQ:  for example

Input eq code: "D1D2D1U2U0D1D2" or an algorithm "A3N4M9" and Poweramp would create the EQ automaticly. 


I hope this makes sense and is possible to implement.

Thank you!

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