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  1. Hello, Would it be possible to make my EQ sharable? So for example; me and my mate have the same headphones, but they sound better when EQ'ed. Now I've played around with the EQ for quite some time and now I believe I have found the perfect setting. I want to share this setting with my mate. Instead of telling him: "1 tick down on the 31 band. 2 ticks down on the 62 band. 1 tick down on the 125 band." etc etc. It would be preferable to just share a code with him which automatically changes the EQ: for example Input eq code: "D1D2D1U2U0D1D2" or an algorithm "A3N4M
  2. Doesn't incorrect up/down-sampling lead to artefacts? Hopefully the Poweramp team could work out a way to play at native resolution.
  3. Dear Poweramp, Could you take a look at the following matter? While the Dragonfly Black is technically capable of reaching 24-bit/96khz, Poweramp stops at 24-bit/48khz. Using 'USB audio player pro' app and the 'Onkyo HF player' app, I do get higher resolutions (and the logo colour changes to magenta), but unfortunately not the user experience of Poweramp. Is there a way to get the 24/96 setting working with Poweramp? Thank you! Phone: ZTE Axon Mini Android: 5.1.1 Music file: 24-bit/96khz Flac.
  4. I love Poweramp just the way it is More skins are always nice, but no necessity.
  5. Instead of trashing the requested zone with all kinds of visualization request I thought we might as well use one topic. The new visualizations in Poweramp are stunning! Really like the "Preset: spectrum-centred", but I would love it even more if the visualisation bars would correspond to the frequency. So using a scale like this one where it starts at 20 hz and leads way up to 20 khz, where the bars at the most left represent the sub-bass and the right side the cymbals. Now the visualization centers mostly to the left side and does not correspond to the frequency of the music
  6. I've got the ZTE Axon mini with a 192kHz/32bit AK4961 DAC. Edit: I contacted ZTE for more information, given your last comments. Don't think Android 6.0 will change anything if high res is not supported with release.
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