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"Folders Selection" can't go any deeper than this?


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I'm trying to set my library's Folders Selection to the path 


, but the interface stops at the first "Music" and won't show me any subfolders within.

The purpose of "files\Music\Music" is to exclude a folder that exists at the "files\Music" level, since Poweramp has no .nomedia support for some reason. Is there a solution to my problem? Do I have no fine control over folders in Poweramp?

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You have complete control over folders in Poweramp (hence it does not use .nomedia files - you tell it where you want to look rather than flagging areas to ignore) but I don't know how deep you can go, I've never tried that deep before.

Why not just put your music in a sensible 'Music' folder on your SD Card rather than trying to read into another app's storage area? :) Or, rather than creating an extra music subfolder layer, just untick whatever folders you want to exclude at the "files\Music" level. 


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