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  1. I'm trying to set my library's Folders Selection to the path Card\Android\data\com.bittorrent.sync\files\Music\Music , but the interface stops at the first "Music" and won't show me any subfolders within. The purpose of "files\Music\Music" is to exclude a folder that exists at the "files\Music" level, since Poweramp has no .nomedia support for some reason. Is there a solution to my problem? Do I have no fine control over folders in Poweramp?
  2. To get around the lack of album artist sorting in Poweramp, I use a folder hierarchy with album artists on the top level, dated albums on the next level, and songs on the last level: %album artist%/%date% - %album%/%tracknumber%. %title% is a simplified version of the foobar name format I use to convert/move songs to my phone. A benefit of this is the albums being sorted chronologically automatically, since my dates are in year.month.day format. This generally works well, but since Poweramp sorts numbers lexicographically, this leads to problems like a February 2003 (2003.2.23) album being sorted after a November 2003 (2003.11.25) album. I would like numbers to be sorted numerically so that dates without leading zeroes sort logically.
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