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support other email app for unlocking


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I previously buy Poweramp on the Website. I was using it on an AOSP ROM with an email account setup in the AOSP Mail App.

I just switch to CyanogenMod I setup an email account in the CyanogenMod Mail App but now Poweramp tell me that he can't find any account with this email.

Is it possible to support the CyanogenMod mail app, or K9-Mail that I often use.

Thank you for the great app you provide !

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I already visited this page.

Poweramp (build-550+) supports following types of accounts:
  - Google (requires Google Services on the device)
  - Google Email (IMAP/POP3, requires Google Services on the device )
  - HTC Email (doesn't require Google Services)
  - Motorola Blur (doesn't require Google Services)
  - Yahoo (doesn't require Google Services)


I do not have google services and doesn't want to. I do not own an HTC of Motorola phone and I do not have any yahoo account.

It appears that cyanogen mod ship another email app than the android default one. So I can't validate my account neither with the email app or K9 Mail (which I use for email tasks on my phone)

Is there any other solution to validate my account ?

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