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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, regardless of what I've had on my phone screen before it locks or times out to off, I find that when I unlock the phone, Poweramp is displayed immediately. (I don't mean it's just there on the lockscreen itself). This is a pain when you've been reading a webpage when the screen times out. Reactivating he screen doesn't show the webpage, but Poweramp. I've had a look in settings but can't find an option that seems relevant to solving this. Does anybody know? Thanks.
  2. Hi I downloaded the beta for this app (currently alpha-build-703-play) and I have noticed that if i leave the player open (on the album art screen) and I lock my screen for more than 3 minutes, then I will unlock my phone and get the screen I left it on but with the album art totally out of place. If i unlock the phone quickly that doesnt happen, and it doesnt seem to happen in any other way. I attached a screenshot of this issue. I have a Moto G4 with Android 7.0
  3. Hi, i have problem with extenal dac and lock/unlock sound. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X AIM AS372 USB DAC Philips Fidelio Headphone I activate lock/unlock sound on my phone, when i play a song and lock or unlock my phone, the sound from DAC is distorted but not with lock/unlock sound.
  4. I cannot restore my full version on my phone. I found that the site 'apm.powerampapp.com' may down for days. My Version: Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk (via website) Purchased full version from website.
  5. Hello, I previously buy Poweramp on the Website. I was using it on an AOSP ROM with an email account setup in the AOSP Mail App. I just switch to CyanogenMod I setup an email account in the CyanogenMod Mail App but now Poweramp tell me that he can't find any account with this email. Is it possible to support the CyanogenMod mail app, or K9-Mail that I often use. Thank you for the great app you provide !
  6. Hey, about 1.5-2 years ao I bought the Poweramp unlocker, haven't had any problems thus far. Today I bought a new device, connected it to the same google account I have on my old device that has Poweramp, and I am asked to pay for the unlocker again. From reading a few posts on these forums and others, I should be able to download the unlocker without having to pay again for it, so how do I go about doing that? Thanks
  7. Since I updated to the latest version of Poweramp, I have been having connectivity issues when listening to music on my galaxy s4 and Bluetooth headphones sennheiser mm11. When I unlock the phone while listening to music, the music stops playing in the headphones, and playes out loud from the phone speakers. The Bluetooth conenction is still active, as I can play/pause the music with the headset buttons. To fix the issue I have to restart the Bluetooth connection. I think this is a bug with the Poweramp app, as I only encountered the problem after the latest update through the play store. An
  8. Hi,Administrator, I was purchase Poweramp on Dec 4 throught paypro and alipay in China mainland. Here is the screen shot of confim email from Paypro:(Private info is hidden) Here is the payment screen shot in Alipay: (Sorry,the Alipay do NOT have English version.) I'm so sorry that Alipay do NOT have English version. But it still shows clearly I have already made the payment. So,If you(the Admin or Author) need the Paypro order number, reply me. My email address is: xstyle#gmail.com (Replace # with @) The Poweramp trial time on my phone is almost finished. Please help me.Thanks !
  9. Great program. Used for 18 months on phone and tablet. But when installing Full Version Unlocker on phone I stupidly set its phone lock feature. Now wish to install a major security app across all my devices. It contains its own phone lock. Am concerned about conflicts. Can Winamp Full Version phone lock be disabled? Or if I just delete Unlocker, will Poweramp revert to being a Trial Version?
  10. Hi, i had to do a factory reset of my phone while i was travelling recently - i was unable to save any of my data and therefore lost my unlock program for Poweramp. is there any way i can download this again . i am guessing there should be a record of my download associated with my phone number. cheers D
  11. Can u consider adding the option to set the lockscreen as the default lockscreen? The amp lockscreen looks awesome but is only there when I play music, even then it doesn't show up sometimes... it sometimes disappear after I pause the music. I would love it if it can be always there so I don't have to unlock the screen and type in the pins number in when I want to play the music.
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