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Remember a position of playing files


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I apologize for my bad English.
Not so long ago I faced need of existence the function for Poweramp which can remember a position of playing files.
Such need is caused by listening audiobooks and songs with Poweramp/
The audiobook can be one MP3 file which duration makes some hours.
Thus, if I listened the book, after starting play other MP3 file - song I should find for a position of MP3-audiobook which i stopped earlier.
I want that in Poweramp there was a function which could do the actions on a choice:
1) automatically remembering positions of all playing files;
2) manual installIng the "tag" (remembered position) on the concrete file without automatically remembering.
Existence of several options is caused of listening only songs (duration = few minutes) such function can do more harm than advantage.
Also in this function can be such option (if it is possible) at which the position in the file is automatically remembered only on condition of duration of this file more than N (choise) minutes.


P.S. I hope u understood what I say  :D

P.P.S. In the app "CoolReader" the function "Remembering the position" works automatically for all text-files

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That's a featrue that is really needed, imo it's an esstential feature.
It's not only interesting for people that use Poweramp to listen ti audiobooks, it's also useful when you listen to DJ mixes.
I listen A LOT OF DJ mixes. Unfortunately sometimes i accidently skip to the next or previous title and then when i go back i have to search the part where i left.

I also like to hear different kind of mixes e.g. in the morning than after work.
I really like Poweramp, imo it's the best player out there and i did of course buy the full version. But i think until the feature that the position is rembered is implemented if have to switch temporarily to another player :(

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This has been a problem for me for a long time too, and recently I've been listening to more podcasts.  My phone also has an odd tendency to skip to the next track sometimes if I drop it a few inches onto the passenger seat of my car.  It's no fun to have to find a place to pull over so you can find your spot in a long podcast.

I'm here today mainly to check if there's any news on this feature being added, before I go off and look for a temporary (?) replacement app.  I really like Poweramp but the aggravation is too much.


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