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  1. Hi, I am just about to give up on Poweramp. I gave the new version a long try-out, and ultimately decided that it was not going to be suitable for my podcasts. I like the concept of sliding the scroll bar back and forth to fast forward / rewind, but it just doesn't have the fine control I need (or I lack the manual dexterity to operate it). When an ad starts on a podcast, for example, I would rather press/hold a button to advance 5 seconds at a time to get past it, rather than slide wildly forward, overshoot, slide back, overcorrect, and land where I want to be by chance after a lot of cl
  2. This has been a problem for me for a long time too, and recently I've been listening to more podcasts. My phone also has an odd tendency to skip to the next track sometimes if I drop it a few inches onto the passenger seat of my car. It's no fun to have to find a place to pull over so you can find your spot in a long podcast. I'm here today mainly to check if there's any news on this feature being added, before I go off and look for a temporary (?) replacement app. I really like Poweramp but the aggravation is too much.
  3. From the FAQ: "Any list (folder, user playlist, album, artist, etc.) can be played with following modes". The etc. is sort of vague. Is everything on the Library screen a list? It might be faster just to use an example. If my library contains 2 albums by Foo called A-Foo and Z-Foo in a folder called Foo-stuff, and 1 album by Bar called B-Bar in a folder called Bar-stuff, plus a Poweramp playlist called ALL containing all 3 albums, how many "lists" is that? If I choose shuffle mode "Lists (aka Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order)", what will be played? If I understand this correctl
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