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Wrong track length fixed after the new v3.0 alpha

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I've recently tried the new alpha it seems like the issue that im reporting about is fixed but somehow all the songs has an extra second at the end of track for example I'm playing a track that has 2:35 time length the playstore Poweramp would show 2:46 time length while the new v3.0 alpha would show 2:36 time length. I've disabled all fade effects but still it has an extra second, I hope that the final version would fix this issue. Btw every reply I received says that my music files that im usimg has an issue, nope my music files doesn't have any issues. This issue is only exclusive to Poweramp itself I don't experience this issue in any other players I've tested.

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Sorry to dig this old thread up, but I’ve been having similar problems with a handful of my mp3s over the past year or two as well. The majority of tracks seem to play with the correct length, but more than a few tracks seem to have an extra 35 seconds tacked on the overall length at the end.

It also doesn’t appear to be a VBR issue, as the thread below suggested. Each of the songs are 320 kbps mp3s… not sure if it’s done the same thing on any m4a versions yet.


Recent CD rips I’ve done also appear to have the correct length on each of them. It’s not too big of a deal for me, since the tracks go to the next one like normal. It’s only really an issue when I’m trying to scroll along the line as the song is playing and end up moving to the next song because of where I scrolled to exactly. 

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I'm guessing it will be a tagging issue, possibly combined with largish cover art embedded in the file which sometimes Poweramp does not seem to offset correctly. Could you upload a file which exhibits this issue clearly?


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Hi Andre,

Sorry for not getting back to you right away. Now that you mention it, I'm actually wondering if it does have to do with the cover art embedded on the mp3. Weirdly enough, the iTunes m4a files that have something like a 1500x1500 size on them (not all, but some) don't appear to make a difference, but two of the mp3 files I examined did have a somewhat larger cover art attached to them.

I will upload an example or two for you in the next day or so, just to make sure. Thanks!

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