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  1. Hi, I've recently tried the new alpha it seems like the issue that im reporting about is fixed but somehow all the songs has an extra second at the end of track for example I'm playing a track that has 2:35 time length the playstore Poweramp would show 2:46 time length while the new v3.0 alpha would show 2:36 time length. I've disabled all fade effects but still it has an extra second, I hope that the final version would fix this issue. Btw every reply I received says that my music files that im usimg has an issue, nope my music files doesn't have any issues. This issue is only exclusive to P
  2. Hi, I've been searching for quite sometime now but I guess there's no fix on this bug until the developer do so, I've been experiencing this bug for almost a year now the bug that I'm addressing is that the song duration on some songs increments their time length for about 10 second or sometimes random which is something that I've never experience on different music players but this software of yours is the big boy on the block so I'll patiently wait for the developer to fix this issue, I've read some few topics in this forum that has been experiencing the same problem as me. would yo
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