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I Discovered a nice Technique for use with Equalizer


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I'm not sure where the best place to post this might be. But I was experimenting with my Poweramp (one of my favorite pastimes when I have some spare time) and I discovered a nice techniqure for use with the Equalizer.


I used to have so much trouble trying to get all 11 sliders exactly where I wanted them to go. It just seemed like every time I tried to move a slider, when I took my finger off the screen, the slider would take a little bounce. Very annoying.


But, I discovered that I could just tap on the slider's vertical line - anywhere above or below the actual button and it would cause the slider to move about ten percent of the its range. Then when it moved to the spot I wanted, I could just move on. My finger was not on the screen and so there was no final "bounce".


I just hope that it is appropriate for people to post these little discoveries and that it is appropriate to post them in this forum.


I sure do wish there was some kind of User Manual where someone would explain many of the concepts and techniques used in Poweramp. But I've never seen such a thing. Would anyone know any good resources?


One of the chapters could be "Tips and Techniques" and this kind of thing could be included there.


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