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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I listen to music using a pair of Sony MDR-ZX330BT headphones. My problem is that I can't get the volume to go as loud as I'd like. At full volume, it is very loud. But I'd still like it to go a little louder and I'd like to ask a few questions. Is the volume of the music primarily due to the headphones or the smart phone? For those of you who may not know, the Sony MDR-ZX330BT headphones are Bluetooth (wireless) and I bought them for approx $100. Here are the specs: http://www.sony.com/electronics/headband-headphones/mdr-zx330bt/specifications Sony sell
  2. AHA! SUCCESS! -- I am so happy! These are the moments that I enjoy so much with Poweramp. Not only did I learn a new concept - thanks to you Andre - but that concept is related to several others which increases my understanding of all of them. It is so nice to have that control now. I now understand the difference between the songs in the queue and those in the list of songs to be played. Although I still don't know the correct name of that group of songs and I sure would like to. After all, it must have a name. Doesn't it? When I have some songs in my queue and I select a folder, Powera
  3. Hmmm .... very interesting. A FULL Rescan versus a normal rescan. I have no idea what either of those are. I'm guessing that is probably a real good reason why I can't seem to see the info I expect. LOL. I have never done any rescans since I don't know what they are. I will now search through the settings and other menus to see if I can spot where scans are done and I will try that. I hope I can find it. Thanks Andre. I'll let you know if I can't find how to do a rescan.
  4. Thank you Andre. Unfortunately, I can't seem to understand just what this Settings Option does. (Filename as Title). I have entered the Tag info and checked it on my Desktop. But I've been trying to see the song names - using the file name or the info from the Tags. However, I've tried many times to set this option and examine my Queue and then I've cleared this option and examined my Queue again. The results just seem random. Sometimes it shows the file names and sometimes it shows the names from the tag. And it seems to be completely unrelated to how this option is set. I can't underst
  5. Thank you. Is their anyway I can access the Tag info directly from Poweramp? If not, is there any way I can access it from any existing utility on my Samsung Galaxy S4? Or do I have to do that using my PC and then transfer the files to my phone? It's by no means a real problem. It would just make things a little more convenient.
  6. I store all my music files on my Windows Desktop PC and that is the primary source of my files. From there I transfer them to my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and use Poweramp to play them. I'd like to begin by asking if anyone can explain what is meant by Poweramp's use of the term "Player Screen/Notification"? When I start Poweramp, it dispays a menu with the standard "Start/Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind" buttons. I would assume this screen is the "Player Screen". But what is meant by "Notification"? Is it the same screen or is there some separate screen? I don't understand from where Poweramp
  7. What kind of speakers are you using? For the most part, when you buy stereo speakers, they usually come in a pair. To get true stereo sound, the speakers need to be separated by at least a little bit. The distance between the two speakers is called the "separation" and you need to have a little separation in order to hear true stereo sound. However, recently it seems like some producers of speakers have found a way to put true stereo sound into a single (often tiny) box. So if you are using two speakers, how far apart are they? Some modern stereo speakers come in a very small box and ther
  8. I have been using the technique you told me (about long pressing on a folder) and it is really terrific. It makes thing so much easier. Now I can build a Queue with thousands of songs in just a few seconds. I organized my List Options to show my folders Hierarchically. So I just Long Press on an artist and I get all the songs in all their albums. I organized my favorite artists in a separate folder and so when I Long Press on that folder I instantly get all my favorite artists and all their albums and all their songs. It's wonderful. But I'm just wondering why I can't find a document that
  9. Oh yes! It certainly does help. I never knew that. Thank you so much Andre!!
  10. Andre, I didn't want to start a new thead for this. But I also want to thank you for helping me with some great info and advice a while back. Ever since you explained the concept of the "Queue" to me, my use of Poweramp has become better and better. I have found several techniques for organizing my music that makes it real easy for me to constuct my queue extremely quickly and easily. I began by having a separate folder for each artist and then having a sub-folder for each album they recorded under that folder. But what a nightmare that was to construct my queue. I had to "enqueue" and "se
  11. I had to try the following things a few times before I began to understand some things. Still learning. Not very confident I can help you. But I will try. If you click your phone's "Settings" screen, you should see the following menu choices: "Connection", "My Device", "Accounts", "More" Click on "Connection". Then click on "Bluetooth". Do you see the "Scan" label at the bottom of the screen? If your speakers don't show on the Bluetooth screen, you can try to click "Scan" in order to get your phone to find your speakers. Make sure your speakers are powered on and ready to accept input w
  12. I'm not sure where the best place to post this might be. But I was experimenting with my Poweramp (one of my favorite pastimes when I have some spare time) and I discovered a nice techniqure for use with the Equalizer. I used to have so much trouble trying to get all 11 sliders exactly where I wanted them to go. It just seemed like every time I tried to move a slider, when I took my finger off the screen, the slider would take a little bounce. Very annoying. But, I discovered that I could just tap on the slider's vertical line - anywhere above or below the actual button and it would cause
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