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Lollipop issue with Z3

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Poweramp is very nice on KitKat, but I have the problem after update Xperia Z3 to Lollipop that I can´t use the MusicFX internal if the Direct Sound Volume (DVC) is activated. Music stopped then.

Under KitKat no problem?! Sound is now ok, but not great. Any chance to fix this?! Or can´t it fix because it´s  a problem from Lollipop?


Thanks !

Best regards





here are also a thread in official sony forum about this issue:



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I have the same problem...

MusicFX does not work after the upgrade to lollipop...hence the sound quality is reduced greatly...

If any solution available please share with us otherwise fix the problem ASAP

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At present, the solution is to disable Music FX for Sony devices. Latest release does that for you: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-Poweramp-build-579-updated-27-april-2015/



Well, this is not an actual solution, hmmm?  :)


In an other thread I've read that disabling direct volume control under audio tweaks solves the problem, but in this case volume is decreased a lot, so it's not a real solution.  :(


Is there any chance to fix this or Sony has to do something?

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