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It's been over 3 years and Poweramp still doesn't have this feature.

That's the only reason I've been using JetAudio for the last couple years.


I like to listen to audio books, and speeding them up to 1.3x to 1.5x playback speed is usually best for comprehension.


I also like to slow down certain tracks when I'm working out, so that the beat will approximate my heartbeat or the rhythm at which I'm lifting the weight.


I created this account just to write this comment...imagine how many more feel the same way but

don't bother even searching the web to find this forum, and two, aren't willing to jump through the hoops just to create and account and chime in after seeing that nothing is done in 3 years, and their voice probably won't matter.

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Yea ,, It would be SO GREAT if


Even if it was an ADD-On that

one could purchase for a few

dollars .

I use ROCKBOX on my Sansa SanDisk players with PITCH .


consider adding Pitch .

THANKS for a an A+ App

Poweramp !!

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