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  1. One of the things i think Poweramp miss is the ability to show cover art in the notification bar! The player is the best i have ever tried out, so keep up the good work! I'am looking forward to the 2.1 update! (and the 2.0 as well)
  2. I do really like visualizations on music players, and I was really looking forward to see when it will be out. In your changelog visualizations is listed, and this is fantastic news for me, but could you also create a visual setting to make the 'light' behind the album cover to pulse with the music? That would be really nice! Thanks!
  3. Poweramp is a REALLY awesome player! The best! But i miss the feature to change the playback speed - Really Poweramp need it! Behnam
  4. Behnam


    I like the cover art animation and the light around it! But it could be nicer if the light around the coverart 'toned down' or turned off wehn the before animation is showing, and the music is 'toned down' when preparing to shift music...
  5. It would be really nice if you could hide anything except the album cover. And the album gesture is also perfect to be used in this way!
  6. I really like Poweramp, it is really the best music player for android! But it would be cool if the black background in the user interface could be replaced with the now playing song, or the chosen album. For example, you choose an album in the menu, and then the background of the list would be the albums cover! I think that would be a really nice visual tweak! Something like this:
  7. Behnam


    I mean so the background looks like PlayerPro.. That's nice!
  8. It would be nice if you could change the background to the album art!
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